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  1. #64172012-01-14 10:55:58JoJoBird said:

    Wow, so mean. If you want to make a group based on a similar belief shared by everyone in the same group, I'm sure you can do it. Just delete this thread make a new one with a better title saying something like "Christians Group" or "Biblewarriors of Christ" ( I suggest the latter,lol), and put appropriate tags such as Group-Religion-Philosophy etc. and make a post that is sure to want people interested to come to your thread and discuss.

  2. #64272012-01-14 13:14:14TokoyamiSenshi said:

    People will be fine with it as long as you don't try to convert them or bring them back to the right way. They may disagree with you, but nobody has the right to stop you from doing it.

  3. #65012012-01-14 21:33:19 *TokoyamiSenshi said:

    Give the man a break. It's better having them confined in one thread than running rampant all over the site.

    Edit: Makes it easier for trolls too.

  4. #65182012-01-14 22:31:36Fieyr said:

    I'm pretty much fine with any groups as long as you keep it to the thread and don't try to force things on others.

    That said... religious discussion on the Internet tends to be a bad idea. There are better places then here to do it... go find a religious themed forum.

  5. #65942012-01-15 05:54:57JoJoBird said:

    What is the harm for groups? I think they should make a groups board and keep it separate from the bumped,new,popular thing. I really have no problem with people making groups they want. This is a site full of people and made for discussion, I thought the purpose for this move was to drive away from just one topic (that being Durarara). If people want religion threads, go on and do it, just don't make a war out of it.

    On a side note, although I do like this little bumped,new,popular thing it does suck seeing things that you would have no interest of, or ever want to see ( like one thread about a certain food being made from a certain fluid). I think group threads should be separate so their threads are not forced on anyone not wanting to see it. People come to those groups if they want to and it avoids wars.

  6. #66212012-01-15 08:11:33 *JoJoBird said:

    My thinking is this is a site open to many, which is allowed freedom of expression. we have many threads showing such expression, why not allow more? What is the harm with group threads on a certain idea? If they don't go making hate on everyone or being dicks, than they should be able to exist. I love discussion and the many discussion threads here, but I do agree on the amount of religion threads popping up. In my opinion it becomes less about discussion and as I put it just showing off their dicks to everyone (I mean when people talk as if their opinion is the true and only good one and the other is wrong in so many ways.). I think those threads handled incorrectly as with many threads can be terrible.

    But as for Groups, I do not care about what they are such as join M.A.N. Mission to Administrate Nuances (shameless plug for imaginary group). From what I saw in the old groups board was many groups for many ideas and some for jokes. As long as groups are handled correctly it'll be alright to have dozens of odd clubs and groups. In a past forum I frequented we had unions of anything that came to mind (from anime to games to religion etc.) I don't see why any topic has to be taboo. As for trolls, trolls are everywhere I don't think it can kill a club from it, or here's a suggestion allow Groups to be exclusive as in gaining a badge for being in that group and allowing those badge-wearers use of the thread. Groups could cut down many random short timed threads with people sharing the same ideas in a group. I think of groups as for those users not as for the whole community.

    I'm always up for freedom to do something rather than not being able to at all.

    I do not like writing long posts. Edit: forgot to tag you @DarkChaplain since I responded to you.