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  1. Minecraft- Greenfield v0.4 is Available!

    #640752013-09-28 20:09:25 *--Jack-- said:

    and it has been for a little while so...

    Also look for the

    Official Greenfield Texture (Updated to 1.6.2!)

    Texture is included in download, but you can still preview it

    With a reputation for being one of the largest modern-style cities available online, Greenfield is still actually being edited by the members of the server. The most recent update is to v0.4.

    download here

    As said on page

    Welcome to the city of Greenfield. Once completed, this city will be the largest city to have ever been built in minecraft. The city is very small as it is now compared to the planned size of it.

    This city, is not just a city. It is a world. Experience exploration and adventure like you never have before. Climb up the tallest skyscrapers. Go underground into the darkest tunnels. Walk the streets like as if you were walking around in a real city. Greenfield has so much to offer, it is going to be the biggest city ever built in minecraft once finished.

    For you reading the thread: Feel free to download. What do you think? Potential games for this map? Like zombie survival? Treasure hunting? Parkour? PvP? Ideas? Reviews?

    NOTE: This map is not mine, and neither is the Resourcepack. I just love the map and wanted others here to have an easy link to it.

  2. #642042013-10-02 18:08:07Toku said:

    CXurrently installing it now, to check it out. Hopefully my comp can take it because I've tried playing a LOTR themed map about the fall of Gondolin and it lagged crazy much with mobs spawning.

  3. #642202013-10-02 22:19:18 *--Jack-- said:

    Fun Survival Mode

    Note: If you dont want things destroyed, keep a copy of the world as an archive. Then when creepers make messes, you don't have to download the original file online.

    Well the whole map is a giant city, so raw resources aren't exactly available without tearing down a house. Sure you can find food randomly, but its not very convenient. I just make a kit and goof around. Here's how I play:

    • Difficulty ~~> Hard
    • Mode ~~> Survival (Prepare in Creative)

    • Make an EnderChest in creative mode, and put it somewhere out of the way, like in a lake. Its just a way to save custom enchantments, colored armor, etc.

    • Then put a set of armor, a set of weapons, and a couple stacks of food inside.

    • Using the mouse-wheel-click, copy the items into your inventory.

    • Then, switching to Survival, only use the items in your inventory to help you while you navigate the city. Feel free to cannibalize things but have enough items to just explore as you try to survive.

    • Only use the Ender Chest to copy the items back into your inventory if you die. Switch to creative mode and "Get your survival kit back" then switch back to survival mode.

    Pros of having a kit:

    • Favorite colored armor?
    • Over-enchanted weapons?
    • No more worrying about food?

    After all, you're just goofing off in SMP with a large city full of, guess what...monsters. Just explore, barricade yourself in a office building, get lost in the subways, blow up a restaurant with creepers, etc.

    There's an idea...post screenshots of weird things you've done in maps like this!