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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #641072013-09-30 01:41:17Eyelids said:

    @cj3366 Actually, he's normally really civil. He's just not a fan of people acting stupid...and you're not really helping your case here.

    A simple "Yes, I do read." probably would have worked...but you got all crazy about it, and made yourself look very, very dense and immature.

  2. #641732013-10-01 18:44:29cj3366 said:

    actually @Eyelids she's always got a tude with me. Probably cause of that joke thing i said to her a while back. but still get over it i was just kidding damn that's no cause for an eternal hate.

  3. #641762013-10-01 19:38:36 *Kirn said:

    Can we please get rid of this retardness? We are discussing books here. You want to discuss someone's gender on CL? Go and make a dedicated fucking thread about it!