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  1. Steam Profiles

    #645422013-10-13 04:19:00 *DarkChaplain said:
    Low quality thread? Low quality thread.

    I just realized that at Steam level 34, I have 470 god-damn slots on my friends list. .....I don't even use 40 of them.

    So I thought we should have a Steam Profile Link dump, so people can add each other or show off their profile pages. Y'know, badge swag or backgrounds and statistics and shit like that.

    Post your Steam profile links -
    Do NOT just post your username / account name!
    Bonus points for proper markdown formatting.

    Use the full profile url (http://steamcommunity.com/id/********) - and better make sure to have your profile set up properly.

    And yeah, we DO have a Colorless Group on Steam as well. You might want to dust this one off a bit... http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Colorless

  2. #645512013-10-13 10:10:33Shorono said:


    Also, sorry for removing you DC but i felt like i didn't communicate with you in any way. Also you had so many games on steam ;-; it hurt my confidence in my games library.

  3. #774422014-06-02 19:48:19 *gawd_daym said:


    Add me if you like, but I just barely made this account. I will be pretty active once I make some money and get a mouse. Though I don't play many demanding games, since my laptop would disintegrate if I did.