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  1. Halloween Thread

    #645702013-10-14 16:58:42Lycan said: Hello everyone!
    I am sure you all know, that for every second you waste on the internet, halloween draws nearer. It is my intention to encourage halloween, because it's cool and spooky. Tell us about your plans for halloween. Are you buying tons of candy? Are you going to bake or cook something special? IS YOUR HALLOWEEN-OUTFIT BAD ASS?! Even if it's lame and kind of bad, post pics in here! Let's make it a CL trick-or-treat event! There might be some kind of treat for you guys... ehehehe

  2. #645922013-10-15 05:38:15InsaneBoredGame said:

    Gonna turn off all the lights and pretend I'm not at home.

    The neighbors know we're Muslim so it's not like many trick or treaters even drop by our place and I don’t have to worry about shitty pranks.

    Spend some quality time with Netflix...

  3. #645992013-10-15 08:42:36 *Kirn said:

    No Halloween in my country, thankfully. Well, funny enough, in my culture there is also a cultural celebration which involves people gathering up and knocking on your door trying to get something from you, but noone dresses up for that and you don't have to give anyone anything, really.

  4. #646002013-10-15 08:54:56DarkChaplain said:

    In my area not even the kids go out on Halloween anymore, and I live in Berlin. Don't even have to do what IBG does, turning off the lights and all. Its simply not necessary

  5. #646012013-10-15 09:58:48TeruShinozaki said:

    In my country, trick or treat only happens in rich person neighborhoods, which is a place I don't live in. I was, however, invited to this college halloween party, which I am assuming would be full of guys macking on the girls in slutty Halloween costumes downing sparkly black and orange colored shots, while everyone else in the party get completely wasted out of their minds...

    So I guess I am just going to stay at home and play some videogames while finishing a bowlful of candy by myself, like I do every year.

  6. #646022013-10-15 10:40:23DarkChaplain said:

    Let's be honest, @TeruShinozaki. Idiots like that would take any opportunity or excuse to get wasted and act like the shitheads they are. Halloween is just one of them.

    Heck, I know that a couple of friends who lived together in a rather big apartment and had other people over all the time. One time they bought a bunch of toilet paper and just called it Toilet Paper Day - yup, they had quite a few beer over that.

  7. #646102013-10-15 14:54:22hellstorm901 said:

    I'll be surprised if we get Trick or Treaters this year. We've had next to none over the past couple years which has always meant more sweets for me to eat.

  8. #646452013-10-16 02:17:44NidTheBard said:

    I'm definitely Trick or Treating. It's one of my life missions to discover how long it will take for adults to refuse to giving me candy.

    Of course I'm not going to be rude about it when they finally get fed up and say no, I'll just tell them to have a good night and head off to the next house. Until then, I agree with @Momimochi

  9. #646652013-10-17 03:02:50Littlefootroserocker said:

    Since I always feel like I would be judged by my family if I wore my visual kei clothes in public, halloween is the only day I show my true colors!!! Excited!!!!

  10. #649712013-10-26 02:40:49 *--Jack-- said:

    From Reddit:

    My wife and her co-workers entered this into their workplace pumpkin carving contest. They lost because the judges had no idea what it was.

    Of all the threads to need a bump.

  11. #649922013-10-26 13:36:41Lycan said:

    In other news my halloween costume is shaping up pretty nicely. I might even use it for cosplaying some time.

  12. #650002013-10-26 16:06:37 *Oppaaai said:

    I shall obey my fellow @Chou so here is my cute pictures.

    And a picture with both of us in it, Chou cute as always even with a unicorn beside her.

    And people should know how hard it is to take selfies with that mask on , damn.