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Halloween Thread

  1. #650012013-10-26 18:06:50Arachne said:


    This bitch aka Desire, The Sandman by Neil Gaiman But his/her clothes is the tricky part


    I'll freeze to death

  2. #651012013-10-28 22:27:05--Jack-- said:
    Keeping this thread bumped ^_^

    The SCP Foundation is...uh...well:

    Basically, this site is a collection of fictional works that its members contribute that deal with the "paranormal" or even just plain strange findings. They range all the way from a television working without a broadcasting station, to deadly creatures that have never been encountered. To sum it up in a simple sense, it's all fake information, but definitely entertaining to read all the files that the members have written. They're all well done, and highly believable, despite the strangeness that it details.

    There are upwards to 1000+ different files written on these findings, and even to the lengths of detailed experiments with the findings. The SCP Foundation is kind of like the Men in Black, if you will. Except they deal with much more than just aliens.

    Playthrough with Yogscast Simon and Hannah

    Download the Game here

    All in all, the graphics keep it from really being scary, but it's still got some entertainment value...at least for Halloween. Imagine Slender crossed with Half-Life 1.

  3. #651422013-10-30 16:59:05 *--Jack-- said:

    This post is a thread-to-thread transplant from the indie games thread that's now dust.

    For those of you who like cheesy pixelated horror:

    Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare


    It's free for download by the creator Here.

    • This game is reminiscent of Wolfenstein 3D, which was made with a RayCaster program to render 3D graphics back when 3D was the Holy Grail of Game Developers. This game is very similar in the fact that it has the same rendering style (if not, something very close), and a cheesy horror theme that is surprisingly enjoyable. Not a scary game if you play current games out there, but good for someone to play with their friends watching (like Slender). Whether it scares you or is just an entity to you, that face in the window will be hard to forget after you play.

    • As some reviews suggest, the scariest thing in the game is most likely the sound effects. But that's speaking to gamers who play very sadistic games when compared to......Luigi's Mansion? That and the ghost-ish face seen in the picture above are the only creepy aspects other than the darkness. The game has a very low render distance to help give a "darkness" effect. This time you don't have a flashlight :D


    Move -- W,S,A,D keys

    Crouch -- Ctrl

    Interact/Pick-up -- E key

    Shift -- Sprint

    "I need a Heart in order to open it"

    Here's a playthrough (of course a poorly narrated one, but..)

  4. #651782013-10-31 22:18:06 *coobar1912 said:

    I'm cosplaying as Mokkun (Tamotsu) from Boku no Pico. My friend is cosplaying as Pico. We need ice cream, god damn it.

    BRB, I'm just going to storm into DQ and demand them to give me ice cream.

  5. #838012014-10-21 23:07:51--Jack-- said:

    Bump because


    What's going on with you guys this year?

    I've been hearing talk of Costumes, funny & scary Movie Choices, and maybe even a Horror Game LiveStream in chat as Halloween nears.

  6. #838232014-10-22 16:49:19 *Gwynn said:

    I'm trying to decide how to decorate my door, since I don't have poopy roomates to stop my madness. I can decide between spraying "Dead Inside" and dressing like a zombie for the trick'r'treaters or just putting some generic halloween stuff out.

    https://image-cdn.zap2it.com/images/walking-dead-dont-open-dead-inside.jpg (it won't be this cool)

    If you're wondering: use temporary hair color to make temporary art outside!

  7. #838582014-10-23 13:04:23 *Cenica said:

    I...am doing nothing this halloween... ;___;
    I really wish I had a halloween party I could dress up and go to but no luck there. So instead I'll probably be staying in and either watching scary movies or playing games, maybe scary ones. http://www.vgperson.com/graphics/TheCrookedManSmall.jpg Also if you're looking for a scary game, The Crooked Man is pretty awesome.