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Halloween Thread

  1. #838642014-10-23 15:57:11Kip said:

    spending the evening with a friend and eating pigs in blankets while watching Halloween movies; maybe we'll go for a walk before all the rotten high schoolers get out of school and scare everybody out of the streets again this year.

  2. #838662014-10-23 16:14:50TrueIzaya said:

    I don't even know how to upload pictures on to my page let alone a thread so im not sure what to do here lol. I'd post pics of what I plan to do...alas idk how XD

  3. #838812014-10-24 00:32:46--Jack-- said:

    @TrueIzaya Never fear, moderator here:

    Uploading Images

    You can always upload an image here on CL as Lycan Mentioned with our own image upload system. Or you could use some outside image hosting place like Imgur

    Posting Images

    In markdown (one of the two options of posting styles) you just have to have a URL and an Image will show in it's place.

    In BBCode (The other style) you just use this format: [img]{url}[/img]

  4. #838772014-10-23 21:48:48Lycan said:

    My family has been hosting halloween parties since forever, so I'll home this year too. This year I think I'm gonna be either a mummy or just wear a toga. I'm not very ambitious.

  5. #841792014-11-01 20:33:47Lycan said:

    I changed my plans entirely and I've been dressed up as a pretty good
    (for a last-minute costume) Zorro the entire day.

    Might update with pics of myself but so far I haven't been able to get any good ones.

  6. #842952014-11-05 17:41:33Kip said:

    lol i did the same thing. candy tastes so much better when you get it for like 70% off.

    except these shits

    worst things i have ever tasted.