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Parent: How To Survive Zompocalypse?

  1. #647332013-10-19 18:13:19hellstorm901 said:
    Here's some thoughts on a variety of things.


    Shopping center - Arguably the best place to make your job easy in holding out. Shopping centers have a shop for just about everything and even with a hundred or some people camping out generally a shopping centers stockpiles will last a good while. Shopping centers are also designed to keep people out after closing hours so the defenses are mostly already in place (CCTV, Perimeter fencing, Security Doors, Fire alarms on doors etc.)

    Police Stations - This really depends on the country you live in and whether your Police are routinely armed or stockpile arms for specialists. In the UK most Police stations have an armory which makes it one of the few places to get a gun, better yet, the acting Sergeant also has files on everyone in the county who has a legally registered firearm thus you know whose homes to go to for ammo surplus. In the US this is a no brainer. Your Police stations house SWAT, SWAT have assault weapons. You'll need them.

    Hospitals - Hospitals are designed to go off the grid meaning when all power is shutting down the Hospitals will stay up for a good while, Hospitals are a good source of medical supplies you'll need in order to survive in a Zombie apocalypse. You won't realise how much you need Anti - Bacterial drugs or Painkillers until you suffer a none Zombie related illness/injury.

    Apartment complexes - High rise buildings in general are good as they offer vantage points over the local area. On top of this apartments are usually constructed in such a way they have choke points making defense easy. If all the zombies are gathering on one stair way blocking it off or knocking the zombies down will keep you safe. Those who hold the high ground in a melee fight usually win.

    Rural areas - The countryside is one of the safest places you can be. The lack of density means that the average zombie per kilometer square will be minimal. You could with a few people actually clear a whole village of zombies and then you not only have shelter but also a settlement under Human control. The rural area also means that you will be found more likely by overhead military personnel than if you were in a deep urban center. The rural area also has water sources which are invaluable as the collapse of infrastructure will mean water sources in urban centers will be shut sown. Same goes for food. You can grow in safely and in bulk in the countryside.

    Military bases/Installations - This is exactly where you want to be, but a reality often faced is this is exactly where the military don't want you to be. Good luck getting on a military base before the apocalypse much less when every person could potentially be a zombie infectee. If you can get on a military base then you're set. Soldiers, Tanks, Gunships, warehouses, the military has it all.


    The Military Question

    Zombie Apocalyse media has often portrayed the Military in a number of different ways from sheer incompetence to fighting Zombies (World War Z Battle of Yonkers) to effective at Zombie suppression (Shaun of the Dead/High School of the Dead) to being evil that they'll kill survivors simply because they can or to be safe (Just about every other portrayal that doesn't fall under previous)
    So what is the answer? Will your Army restore order in a day, collapse under the assault and be destroyed or actively hunt you down and try to kill you?

    Well the answer is actually, you're Army will restore order, pretty quickly to be honest. The military isn't trained to fight Zombies, no, but they are trained to shoot weapons and operate high advanced weapons that laugh off claw attack. The Army will quite quickly realise the ineffectiveness of Shock and Awe and advanced Anti - Armor weapons and instead swap out to more conventional arms. High School of the Dead showed the military using Gunships to sweep areas before Airborne Cavalry landed and killed stragglers while World War Z/Shaun of the Dead has soldiers using Rank and File to wipe out zombies street after street, mile after mile. The military would restore order so your "survival" is really a matter of holding out until they arrive and doing as much as possible to attract the military to you for rescue. This would likely be in less than 7 Days in the UK as the Military cannot deploy to civilian streets unless it is declared the Police cannot hold order, In the US this will be less time as you already have Martial Law and the National Guard.