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  1. Pokemon ORAS / X & Y Thread

    #647382013-10-20 05:01:11 *Warlock said:

    Post your Friend Codes. I'll update the list as more are posted. The game has a decent function where your Friend Code determines which 3 Pokemon are chosen to be in your Friend Safari later in the game. Feel free to also ask for trades/battles/etc in this thread if you want. Some members here who have the game might be able to help you out with getting certain Mega Stones.

    Pokemon OR/AS

    • Warlock: 0216-1289-4772 IGN: Kaede
    • Teil: 3754-9293-5720 IGN: Teil

    Pokemon X/Y:

    • Warlock: 0216-1289-4772 IGN: Mashiro
    • SirTingles: 1676-3703-8060
    • SuperEmoCookie: 1521-3249-9250
    • Rune: 4871-4091-3550
    • Eriku: 3093-7581-8720 IGN: Blackfire
    • Gywnn: 3480-3930-9632 IGN: Appleseed
    • wanderlust: 3265-5417-6821
    • TeruShinozaki: 2105-8695-5013
    • PureCarnage: 1306-6341-2264 IGN: Joseph
    • Shidei: 1134-8270-0013
    • Hilaki: 0344-9846-2211
    • Rollo: 1993-8504-5758
    • someone: 0147-0134-8632
    • OverSol: 0791-2656-8885 IGN: Frisbee
    • Xyopq: 1736-1658-3065 IGN: Luther
    • Headphone: 2552-1867-3772
    • Jacek: 4184-3236-6030
    • Teru: 3625-9847-9427
    • Kip: 1118-0983-2939 IGN: Invah
    • udonge: 1564-4756-4582 IGN: seras

    Friend Safari List:

    • Warlock |Ground type| Camerupt, Phanpy, ?
    • Shidei |Ground type| Wooper, Dugtrio, Gastrodon
    • SuperEmoCookie |Ground type| Trapinch, Diggersby, Marowak
    • Rune |Bug type| Masquerain, Combee, Pinsir
    • Gwynn |Bug type| Cascoon, Swalot, Drapion
    • PureCarnage |Normal type| Teddiursa, Minccino, Smeargle
    • Eriku |Steel type| Ferroseed, Klang, Bronzong
    • Rollo |Fire type| Growlithe, Braixen, Charmeleon
    • Jacek |Ghost type| Lampent, Phantump
    • Kip |Ice type|
  2. #657872013-11-08 19:30:37Xyopq said:

    My girlfriend let slip that she's got me a 3ds for Christmas, which is good since I technically have one, bad because I have to wait a month 1/2 to play!

  3. #647462013-10-20 16:43:54 *Eriku said:
    Here's mine. I'm adding everyone else in here. Let's go Friend Safari! :D

    Name: Blackfire

    (it's been forever since I've been here)
  4. #649142013-10-24 03:00:26 *Rune said:

    Serebii "accidentally" leaked the three Mythical Pokémon of Kalos. Their Japanese names had already been leaked in a trademark list, but the English names and typings of #719 Rock/Fairy Diancie, #720 Fire/Water Volcanion, #721 Psychic/Ghost Hoopa were revealed. He had took the pages down after someone had noticed them. But this confirms them to be real. I put a Goomy up for trade asking for a Volcanion, and then my friend found it on the GTS. Although you can ask for any made-up name on the GTS, the trade will only show up for someone else if it's real. The Goomy is still up there so you can see for yourself. Now what we need is for someone with a French, German, or Korean copy of the game to find this trade and see their language's version of the name.

    Since X and Y hasn't been hacked yet, there are many legends surrounding the game that has a certain claim of legitimacy to it.

    Anyway, I tried uploading a Numel looking for a Volcanion and look for it using my French version Pokemon X. It's up there but the French name for Volcanion seems to be the same as the English name. Maybe if somebody has a Japanese copy they could look for it and see if the name would be written in kana.

    EDIT: nevermind

  5. #649342013-10-24 16:42:52Xyopq said:

    Cool, more new pokemon. I haven't had chance to play X or Y yet as I can't afford a 2DS yet, but as soon as I can...

  6. #649462013-10-25 00:57:19TalTal said:

    Haven't they been rumored to be based on Norse Mythology? Doesn't really make sense based on the France local and the names/types of the pokemon.....
    Still, I'm hoping for Norse Pokemon. (a fenrir would be awesome)

  7. #650082013-10-26 19:16:56SuperEmoCookie said:

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a Chespin with the ability Bulletproof? I mean, i know its from friend safari, but no one has the grass type on their friend code. :I

  8. #650192013-10-27 01:10:07Xyopq said:

    @SuperEmoCookie you'll have to keep adding friends till you find one unfortunately. Places like Kotaku or Serebii forums would be a good place to go as they have friend for friend threads (if you can't find it here of course!)

  9. #650812013-10-28 11:22:50Xyopq said:

    Bah! Just went to Argos to get a 2DS and they're out of stock :'( To stubborn to pay an extra £30 in game for one ^_^

  10. #651722013-10-31 21:54:29Rune said:

    reddit user GamingPryme has the best Pokemon version for Halloween. He dubs it Pokemon X 'Special Edition'.

    Here is how his copy of the game looks like:

    Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed.

    @wanderlust added you :)

  11. #657092013-11-08 06:22:50Shidei said:

    Lemme know if you want to be friends c: My friend safari isn't that great though.1134-8270-0013 is the code and Wooper, Dugtrio, and Gastrodon are the Pokemon that appear in my safari. I'm always up for a battle, or trading! I've got quite a few Protean Froakies from breeding if anyone's interested. And extra Tyrunts.

  12. #657162013-11-08 06:52:24Rune said:

    @Shidei @TeruShinozaki

    I'm adding you guys in right now. Also, there's this funny thing where some guy on Youtube posted his Ditto safari an hour ago and now he's being swarmed with FC requests lol.

  13. #657802013-11-08 18:08:36 *Shidei said:


    Thanks for the add! I'll add you too once I get home c: lol yeah I think everyone would want the chance to get a Ditto in the Safaris. People with Eevees and starters are pretty popular too c:

  14. #657882013-11-08 19:36:56 *Warlock said:

    Also, I'd like you guys to list the Pokemon in your friend safaris if you find out. I'll add that to the details on the first post.