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  1. Akame Ga Kill! Latest Chapter Discussion Thread

    #647692013-10-21 12:58:44 *meddie said:

    I believe it goes without saying that those who are not okay with spoilers should get their asses off this thread and with that said I present you


    S-desu's trump card is so incomprehensible and we have yet another newly introduced character that ended up dead AGAIN

  2. #647702013-10-21 13:18:48meddie said:

    UGHH IF ONLY I USED THE SEARCH BAR!! ;_; well I guess this can serve as the chapter discussion thread eh? Also am I weird for wanting Tatsumi to get with Esdes since they're so fuckin cute together like when they were trapped in that island ◕ ◡ ◕

  3. #647772013-10-21 15:04:10n1xx said:

    Hi @meddie!

    If you would like to turn this into a chapter-discussion thread, I would recommend changing the thread's title, in order to avoid confusion.

    Another option would be to bring your thoughts to the original thread, which was linked above by DarkChaplain.