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  1. What do you do when you can't fall asleep?

    #648012013-10-22 01:04:50 *girts521 said:

    Give me some advice :D It's already a second week that I can't normally go to sleep. Usually I watch something until I fall asleep and if even that doesn't work I listen to some music but now nothing helps. And I have to wake up tomorrow early :(

  2. #648022013-10-22 01:14:48 *MrTrain said:

    Correcting other people's spelling sometimes helps me.
    Here is a list of your spelling errors:
    1. can't (missing punctuation)
    2. asleep (this is one word)
    3. advice (this word is already plural)
    4. It's (missing punctuation)
    5. can't (missing punctuation)
    6. asleep (this is one word)

    I'm just kidding with you. Sometimes I like to exercise and make myself really tired and want to sleep.

  3. #648142013-10-22 08:44:46Lycan said:

    Sometimes I do some push-ups to tire my body out or stretch muscles, it feels much better to just lie down in the bed afterwards. I have always taken a little longer to fall asleep than what's normal, so what I normally do is just to get my breathing right and lie comfortably. And try to not think about too much.

  4. #648152013-10-22 10:09:40Kirn said:

    Is you can't fall asleep - then don't. Try going without sleep for a day. Or two. Or three. Trust me, good-old sleep-deprivation will cure your problems.

  5. #648172013-10-22 11:35:28DeathByBiscuit said:

    Go on the wonderful land of the internet, choose your most favourite porn site, masturbate vigorously and if you aren't sleepy after that go listen to some music. You'll be knock out real fast.

  6. #648202013-10-22 13:49:23 *Mau said:
    Drink some warm milk, no seriously, it has melatonin in it which is basically a sleep hormone.
    You could also drink some warm non caffeinated tea, also make sure turn off your Tvs/Computer for about 30 minutes.
    Watching TV to go to sleep really isn't that good, I should know, I do it all the time but it doesn't exactly lead to the most fitful sleep.
    If the lack of sleep lasts another couple of weeks, go see a doctor.
  7. #648252013-10-22 17:32:41 *johan_5179 said:

    From a technical standpoint yes. It contains information on nearly every major trend/event in English Literature from the time of Chaucer to recent times. It starts to falter as you approach contemporary fiction, dealing with it in a very cursory manner, but it serves my purpose very well, since it contains extensive data on 14th and 16th-17th century literature and its context which I'm studying right now.

    What makes me sleepy is that the thoroughness automatically means that it is written in a difficult fashion. Since the book focuses more on context and history relating to specific time-periods rather than the authors, references are not found in the same area of text. You have to go over it multiple times to get stuff on a specific author or a specific work.And after a long day, when i really want to sleep, a chapter or two is tiring enough to knock me out.

    (Of course Shakespeare gets his own chapter separate from the others, which makes things slightly easy for me.)

  8. #648332013-10-22 20:48:19InsaneBoredGame said:

    IKR? Reading is for losers. Be a cool kid an cryogenically preserve your body for the next morning. Actually, don’t stop there. Do it for the next hundred years.

    Then, you can make a better Avatar movie or something.

  9. #648572013-10-22 22:32:56 *megumi-tan said:

    When I can't fall asleep, it is typically cause of anxiety. I'm not sure why, but my mind gets in a restless state and keeps me awake and also makes my body restless, even though I'm tired and want to go to sleep (maybe some of you can relate?). When I get to this point there is nothing I can do to fall asleep, and trying to fall asleep just makes it worse. I just stay up all night till morning.

    There are things, however, that I can do to prevent this from happening or do when I feel the anxiety coming on before I go to sleep.

    First thing is to try to go to bed and wake up at the same time so my body can form a habbit.

    Second is not using electronics 30 min. before sleep (maudia said this).

    Third, is listening to something peaceful, which goes against #2 but whatever. I find that the podcast, Welcome to Night vale, is very good to sleep to. I usually fall asleep before the 20-24 minutes is up.

  10. #648612013-10-22 23:56:38One said:

    They say counting down from 99 will get you to sleep before you get to 1. I tried it, didn't work. I tried 999, didn't work as well.

    Taking a shower before going to sleep does it for me though. It knocks me out like a brick.

  11. #649242013-10-24 09:20:41Ecstasy said:

    Doesn't really matter what you do. Milk, shower, fapping - you just have to do it on the regular basis. When you do it every evening it'll send a signal to your body that it's time to sleep. Doesn't work if you are being overly excited tho. Use alcohol in that case :D

  12. #660702013-11-11 17:12:04NidTheBard said:

    Yes, faping is very helpful in this situation, but try not to let it reach the point where you need to do it every night just to fall asleep.

    Of course, if you don't mind that, or don't see that as much of problem, then fap away.