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What do you do when you can't fall asleep?

  1. #664882013-11-23 12:55:26Yu-i said:

    i either a) plan all out all the shit ive gotta do for the next day b) start studying chemistry. or bio. or anything, really works every time ;)

  2. #665202013-11-24 08:44:57lightning said:

    I watch streams, and they eventually put me to sleep. Unfortunately, my phone battery dies with me, should I forget to leave it charging.

  3. #1063272016-08-21 06:54:54masculyn said:

    I've always heard "count sheep" as, like, a joke. But I actually learned that counting helps me pass out. Often, when you count you get bored and your mind wanders off to other things, typically things that keep you awake. So when you notice that, go back to counting and start at 0. Sometimes I end up starting over at least a dozen times. If I can focus enough to make it into the 100s, i start to drift off, counting slower and slower. The numbers turn into hazy images, which turn into dreams. The voice in your head that reads out the numbers fades, soon you forget you're counting, and like magic you're asleep. Pretentious? Maybe. Effective? You bet your ass.

  4. #1063442016-08-21 13:57:08Qarr said:

    When I was 11-14 I used to make myself faint so that afterwards I'd feel tired enough to fall asleep, but that was neither healthy nor sustainable. Nowadays I use sleeping pills a lot of the time and either some classical music, white noise, or binary beats which help tremendously. And maybe some Hot Coco, or Chamomile Tea.

  5. #1063622016-08-21 23:41:23 *Enami said:

    I... close my eyes. <-< Think about life, analyze everything that happened today and imagine scenarios that are never gonna happen. Then if I have school I just think about tomorrow and how I can make it better by just doing this thing instead of just lying down even though I'm not sleepy but I conclude that I rather stare at a wall than actually use my brain or really do anything school related.

    Basically I just force myself by trying to disconnect from rl and let my imagination take off.

    On a side note... there's always the emo route <-< crying yourself to sleep helps >->

  6. #1063672016-08-22 01:46:57Bavalt said:

    It doesn't take much to get my mind wandering once I lie down, and usually after a while, it hits a free-association sort of state where I'm just thinking about things consecutively and without any context, and that transitions straight into sleep. I sometimes listen to white noise or quiet ASMR videos - faint sensory information can coax my thoughts along.

    Usually, when I can't sleep, it's because I've got something in my head that's interesting or (less common) stressful enough to keep my mind from wandering. When that's the case, I'll just stay up longer and engage or distract myself (depending on the thing keeping me up). The worst thing to do is to just stay in bed and try to force yourself, but if you're making an effort to stay awake, fatigue tends to sneak up on you faster than you'd expect.