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Parent: Do Racism, Conservatism, and Low I.Q. Go Hand in Hand?

  1. #648422013-10-22 21:40:53 *PigBoss said:

    Not all of conservatism is idiotic. I think being socially conservative is. I want to see your take on this. Also, what are traits that more "intelligent" persons show when they are exposed to the environment?

    implying Americans are human

    hue. joking.maybe

    Could you define what "misguided" means? Also, is it absolute truth that slavery and inequality are wrong? Maybe define those words too. We might have a battle of semantics. Oh! Define freedom :3.

    Political correctness treats us like children that need kindergarten rules in order to function. Most people, sadly, act like children and deserve it. But those with a relatively useful level of brain functions understand how real tolerance works.

    So that basically means political correctness is a necessary evil :/. Do we need political correctness on CL if tolerance is present?