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Parent: Do Racism, Conservatism, and Low I.Q. Go Hand in Hand?

  1. #648512013-10-22 22:02:50hellstorm901 said:

    As it's already been pointed out IQ is a difficult area to look at as IQ is judged based on a particular standard which is a general breaking down of intelligence. You have a high IQ if you are exceptional in pretty much everything that you are tested against and if you drop in one area then your IQ as a whole goes down. This isn't how you can correctly measure intelligence as it neglects people who are intelligent in particular things but dumb to others.

    But that's detracting so lets get back on topic.

    From a Sociological perspective we are taught that views and opinions are motivated by a number of factors in society some you are aware of and others you may not so much be aware of. These are broken down into two areas, Primary Socialization and Secondary Socialization although many other people will refer to this as "Nurture versus Nature."

    Primary Socialization is anything relating to your Family. This means your beliefs about something, Ethnicity, Social Class, Lifestyle, are all inherited as you grow up from your parents and family members. If you live in a family where your mother and father have strong views regarding Blacks, Asians etc. You will naturally have them too.

    Secondary Socialization is where your "Media is evil" rants come into play. This is where your attitudes and beliefs are created by your reaction to society and institutions within it. If you read a particular newspaper you will conform to the views expressed in it.

    So how does this all fit in with whether a person is a racist or not? Well this means that "IQ" plays less of a role in the topic as your beliefs are not created by how smart or dumb you are but rather how you are led to view the world. You can be smart and still be a racist, God we call Winston Churchill brilliant and look behind the scenes at how he viewed everyone in the British Empire who wasn't White, on the other hand we have people with low "IQ" who will treat everyone as an equal.

    But we also reach an interesting point of where individuality comes into play. We all have the ability to believe whatever we want, along with picking and choosing things that suit of interests.

    Human beings are each unique and we can't understand Human beings by generalising them as individuality prevents us from doing, so which brings the conclusion that regardless of Scientific, Sociological or Psychological understanding we will never really be able to understand Human beings.

  2. #648532013-10-22 22:12:48 *Taro_Tanako said:

    Actually, I think there is the possibility of understanding human behaviour based on a comprehensive scientific understanding. Problem currently is that it is an incredibly complex issue of understanding all the neurochemistry and biology behind this. It is not, in any way, a reductionist approach but essentially people and their actions and thoughts are just electrical/biochemical in origin.

  3. #648542013-10-22 22:20:12 *PigBoss said:

    I like how you included stuff that was from non-personal sources. You rock, sir. I may post some other examples beside Churchill to bring to light that you don't have to be "dumb" to be racist or whatever. How to legitimately quantify various assigned characterizations of each person is right now up to science-fiction, but hopefully, we may be able to see that type of technology during our lifetime. :D

    For Secondary Socialization, is it guaranteed that you will more likely than not conform to what you experience?

    A question for you: can a person change his/her mindset by willpower alone?

  4. #648972013-10-23 14:44:23hellstorm901 said:
    For Secondary Socialization, is it guaranteed that you will more likely than not conform to what you experience?

    Well Primary Socialization comes first so depending on what happens in your family will usually harden you against things that don't conform to the views of your family but over time or with drastic events in the world around you your opinions and beliefs about things are created based on what you're exposed to. It's not guaranteed you will conform to what your exposed to but the "Media is evil" thing usually helps to ensure you are in some way. It is the job of institutions in society to try and change your points of view about things so unless you can completely block out everything around you then you will in some way conform.

    A question for you: can a person change his/her mindset by willpower alone?

    You could if you tried really hard, although the easiest way is to just open yourself up to opposing views and ways of seeing things. If you read one particular newspaper then go a week reading one of its rivals instead. If you view someone differently then speak to them and understand them more or live as they do for some time.

    Secondary Socialization is affected by what factors in Society you're exposed to. The more things you are exposed to the more your opinions and attitudes will widen and in reverse the less things you're exposed to the narrower your beliefs will be.

    This is where your racists fall into. A person is more often than not racist due to their lack of exposure to alternative ways of viewing the people they hate.