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  1. Legend of Edda: Cute and free MMORPG

    #650232013-10-27 03:00:38 *Lycan said: So I played the beta months ago and recently I patched it and tried playing it again. I've been playing it a lot the past days, but it's been pretty lonely... so I was hoping maybe someone here was playing it already or might want to try it? The picture above is in-game, so that's what it looks like. I'm not too sure what I think about the "cute levels" but I enjoy the fighting mechanics. I think it would be a LOT more fun to play with someone and maybe even make a guild. I'm thinking a CL guild would be pretty cool.

    Here's a gameplay video that I watched the first minutes of and it seems ok.

  2. #650242013-10-27 03:00:50 *Lycan said:

    We're playing Olympian characters on [Odyssey].
    Guild name is TheColorless.

    Fighters: 4
    Rogues: 4
    Mages: 3
    [At level 20 these three classes can be upgraded to the following]

    Fighter-->Swordsmen: 1
    Fighter-->Warriors: 1
    Rogue-->Archers: 0
    Rogue-->Assasins: 0
    Mage-->Clerics: 1
    Mage-->Wizards: 0

    We have a skype group! Any one already in the group may invite people from the list below to the group! Otherwise, to join, send me a PM with your skype name and I'll invite you!

    @Lycan = Nacyl
    @Dec = Deccu
    @hellstorm901 = Mirai901
    @wolfangle = Psyro
    @Taro_Tanako = TaroStar
    @Arachne = Paeonia
    @Usagii = aeschylus
    @PureBoredom = PureBoredom
    @myBara = iPanda
    @DeathByBiscuit = DeathByBizcut
    @Renpikaaa = Renpikaaa
    @Kittycat = Fuzzybuns
    @Vincevx = Vincevs
    @Xyopq = Xyopq

  3. #650292013-10-27 14:43:44hellstorm901 said:

    I won't deny that looks like a very cute game but I'm put off by fully free to play MMO's.

    Games like Guild Wars 2 I liked because you buy the game and don't pay after and that initial profit is in turn used to help keep the pay to win curse at bay. Full free to play games usually are just unbalanced and harass you for money at every turn.

    Still a very cute game though.

  4. #650302013-10-27 15:01:54Lycan said:

    I haven't reached any end game material yet, obviously. I'm level 21 and the maximum is 50 I think. And I haven't PVP'd at all. So I can't really tell if anything is unbalanced. There is some kind of in-game currency you can purchase, but nothing has promoted it except that some items display the cost for that currency. If you can't enjoy free games then that's your loss. Just saying.

  5. #650312013-10-27 15:20:44hellstorm901 said:

    As long as the game doesn't deliberately punish a free player for not buying something or harass you to buy something every two minutes I can enjoy the game.

  6. #650822013-10-28 12:21:33hellstorm901 said:

    I might play this and try to rope Taro and them into it too since we've been looking for a game we can all play that isn't PC demanding or resorts to us paying money.

    I'll probably need some basic info like what server you're on, Guild name, are there any particular roles needing filled i.e. Do you need more Mages

  7. #650832013-10-28 12:38:43 *Lycan said:

    I think there's only one server (Odyssey) haha, but you can swap channel on it at any given time. The guild name I already stated. At the moment @Dec is leveling a Rogue, and I upgraded my Fighter to a Swordsman. I'd say we need both healers and magic damaging classes. But play whatever you feel like, we basically need everything.

  8. #650872013-10-28 13:23:47 *hellstorm901 said:

    I keep trying to make a Olympian character but it just won't let me because of an "Imbalance"

    Also I probably will play as a Mage and then go to Wizard.

  9. #650912013-10-28 13:55:30Lycan said:

    That's dumb. But it seems they're very strict with balancing the number of players. I think worst case scenario is that you have to wait a day or two before it balances back and then you can make an Olympian.

  10. #651142013-10-29 17:10:49 *Lycan said:


    If you've made a character and wish to join our guild You'll need to be online when I am, so either look for me in /chat or try whispering me in-game.

  11. #651172013-10-29 21:08:48Xyopq said:

    One of the great things about having a username no one can pronounce is that no one will use it. My username is Xyopq and I'm a fighter atm

  12. #651392013-10-30 16:01:02Lycan said:

    When we have six members above level 15 we will do a full group assault on the Hypit mine (level 15 dungeon) as a challenge event. The six guild members with levels closest to 15 will have priority.

  13. #651802013-11-01 00:07:00 *judar said:

    Ahhh this is so so so CUTE!! Currently I'm only on LV4 after an hour but I'll try my best to keep up!

    My username is 'aeschylus' as is my character name and I'm a fighter so we can keep things balanced!

    I'd like to play an Assassin class later on though with a different character!

    EDIT: All characters are too moe, it hurts the man.