gibe monies plz!

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Legend of Edda: Cute and free MMORPG

  1. #653932013-11-03 23:53:50NidTheBard said:

    @Lycan, I'd be interested in joining the Guild, but my damn PC is broken, so by the time I actually might be able to play I'll probably be too low of a level to even be beneficial to you.

    It looks like a Chibi SAO to me, so I'd probably imagine the same.

    Thanks for introducing me to the game though, I'll try it out eventually.

  2. #654352013-11-04 15:49:39Lycan said:

    I'm going to make a skype group for the guild. Please help me with this, since I don't have ya'll on skype, and send me a pm with your skype name if you want to join!

  3. #659782013-11-10 09:30:11Vincevx said:

    Could i join? Just finished downloading. So im gonna try it. Just have to make my charater, and play when i get time.

  4. #660302013-11-10 17:52:19judar said:

    Despite our System RAM Requirements saying 1GB minimum and 2GB recommended, I would recommend no less than a system with 4GB of RAM to play Legend of Edda (we hope to update these requirements soon). It's possible with 2GB, but you're gonna have a bad time. With 1GB, considering the game takes up almost that much memory, I would consider it near impossible to play.