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Parent: Legend of Edda: Cute and free MMORPG

  1. #650302013-10-27 15:01:54Lycan said:

    I haven't reached any end game material yet, obviously. I'm level 21 and the maximum is 50 I think. And I haven't PVP'd at all. So I can't really tell if anything is unbalanced. There is some kind of in-game currency you can purchase, but nothing has promoted it except that some items display the cost for that currency. If you can't enjoy free games then that's your loss. Just saying.

  2. #650312013-10-27 15:20:44hellstorm901 said:

    As long as the game doesn't deliberately punish a free player for not buying something or harass you to buy something every two minutes I can enjoy the game.