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Parent: [Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #650802013-10-28 10:33:11DarkChaplain said:

    Dear Hermes,

    You are fucking late at delivering this month's book orders. Again. Fuck you kindly.

    Dear ______,

    Be glad that I actually like you, otherwise you'd have been set on fire months ago.

    Dear ______,

    Stop acting like such a cunt. You can't have your period THAT often. As much as I value your friendship, your seasonal bitchy attitude regardless of how you are approached is seriously pissing me off. Funnily enough, this shit always seems to coincide with you playing bad MMOs with some of your other friends, who I neither know nor want to know. The ones you introduced me to appeared incredibly dumb and tasteless already.
    Get your shit together. You can't be cunty forever.

    Dear @Paratoxical,
    @Dec wants to take a picture with both of us next year, so I hope you can still tolerate my antics by that time. Because, y'know, I actually rather like you a lot.

    WOW! The last one actually turned out to be positive?! What a surprise!