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  1. Weird World News

    #651592013-10-31 13:38:31 *Kirn said:

    Hmm... you know, now that I think of it, that's a great title. I am surprised no news channel adopted such a name yet. Well, nevermind. The deal is, I think we had a thread for posting world news, but I can't find it, so I am making this one specifically to post news that are just plain weird. I do hope to get contributions, but for now, just to get the ball rolling...

    Girls at Zimbabwe school 'attacked by goblins'

    The local council school, St Sebastian Secondary, in a dry village about 45 miles south of second city Bulawayo, is under investigation by the education ministry after several traumatic weeks when teenage girls ran away screaming that they had been attacked by goblins.

    The school is in Sigangatsha village not far from the national park where Cecil John Rhodes is buried.

    Parents say their daughters were attacked in classrooms by dwarf human beings which transformed into baboons.

    Local education inspector Patrick Dube, confirmed the upheavals at the school. "As a ministry when we hear issues we investigate. And we are yet to establish what is really happening at the school," he told a local newspaper.

    "Goblin", as seen in old English story books during Rhodesian colonial era, is the name given to "Tokoloshi" in the Sindebele language, spoken in this part of Zimbabwe. In the majority Shona language of President Robert Mugabe the term is "Zvikwambo".

    "A goblin is a mythical creature, an evil spirit and there will have to be cleansing rituals at the school if the hysteria continues," said Dewa Mavhinga, a Zimbabwe scholar.

    "People who see goblins suffer and witchcraft, as you may call it, occurr in both rural and urban communities and across all the tribes."

    A parent who spoke on condition she was not named told the Bulawayo Chronicle of one girl who fell into a trance after seeing a goblin.

    "I think that she was possessed by demons. She fell into a trance and then all of a sudden she started screaming and kicking into the air vigorously for about five minutes. When she recovered, she said she had seen a baboon trying to slap her."

    Only victims of goblin attacks can apparently see the evil spirit.

    Earlier this month, Sam Sipepa Nkomo, water affairs minister, said workers had run away from building a dam because it was infested with mermaids. "These mermaids are also Zvikwambo," Mr Mavhinga said.

    So... yeah. People are attacked by goblins and four schools in Zimbabwe are closed because of it. Yep. That's the kind of weird I am talking here.

  2. #651602013-10-31 14:07:59 *johan_5179 said:

    Minister orders the Archeological Survey of India to dig under a 19th century fort after local seer dreams about Gold buried there.

    A 12-member team comprising archaeologists, geologists and workers began digging a mound in the ruins of the fort built by Raja Rao Ram Baksh Singh, in Duandia Kheda village in Unnao district, 100km from Lucknow, after a meeting with local officials.

    The hunt has created curiosity after reports that highly-revered local seer Shobhan Sarkar told Union minister Charan Das Mahant that the country’s financial troubles will ease to a great extent if the gold was excavated and spent on public welfare.

    “I have written more letters about the presence of gold in Kanpur and Fatehpur districts. But the one in the neighborhood (Unnao) is enough to save our economy,” said the seer.

    “I have even asked them to send me behind bars if I am proven wrong,” he said. His followers are equally firm.

    “We know that baba’s (saint's) dream will come true. He has performed many such miracles before,” said Virendra Tiwari, one of the seer’s followers from Barabanki district.

    The excavation, expected to take a month, will be filmed, the district magistrate said. Hundreds of local villagers and the seer’s followers in neighbouring districts thronged the site when the digging started.

    On Friday, a havan (purifying ritual) was conducted by Shobhan Sarkar, who appeared to his disciples for the first time. When the ASI officials reached the site on Thursday, they fell at the seer’s feet and asked for his blessing. “Baba, hamari madad karo (Baba, please help us).” The seer then promised to conduct a havan just before the digging started.

    In view of massive public build-up, the Unnao police have barricaded the excavation points and deployed armed police personnel. "All measures are in place to check the public entry," said Sonia Singh, SP Unnao. Other than 16 Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) personnel, one sub-inspector and four armed constables will remain at the site round-the-clock.

    "The situation is being monitored on a day-to-day basis. No one will be allowed to get even close to the excavation site," she said.

    Just to tell you, the ASI is a government body.

    So, any of you people ever want to complain about how fucked up your governments are, just read this and pray you never have to deal with this shit. Ever.

  3. #659872013-11-10 15:04:23 *Kirn said:

    Here's another one, fresh from Russia.

    Artist Pyotr Pavlensky sits on the pavestones of Red Square during a protest action in front of the Kremlin wall in central Moscow.

    "Artist Pyotr Pavlensky sits on the pavestones of Red Square during a protest action in front of the Kremlin wall in central Moscow, November 10, 2013. Pavlensky nailed himself to the pavestones by his genitals as part of an art performance in protest of what he sees as apathy in contemporary Russian society and the possibility such indifference can lead eventually to a police state. The performance coincided with the day when the Interior Ministry honoured its service members."

    Yep. Apparently, it's some sort of protest. Police eventually arrested the guy, but I didn't find any mention of how they un-nailed his balls. Also, this idiot is some sort of artist (I am not even fucking surprised), and last year, probably also as some sort of protest, he sewed his mouth shut.

  4. #659912013-11-10 15:41:59colorles said:

    apathy in russian society? well, they have done more these last few of years to keep their society out of the grip of depravity, than say the west. its always artists and nitpickers that seems to either takes things to literally, or miss the point of others

  5. #660792013-11-11 21:28:41 *schmidt said:

    It's worth noticing that the mouth-sewing thing was a response to the Pussy Riot trial. Back then one Dmitry Puchkov (a movie translator and part-time film and video game critic, writer, blogger, tasteless comedian) reacted in his typical manner, sort of comparing the government-opposing artists and activists to the government-opposing criminals and noting that when it comes to being taken to a shrink by the cops, 'a decent crook nails himself to his cell'. He went on to recommend whoever wants to 'shock the public' to bring 'a nail, a hammer and a chair'. Pretty fun to think that Pavlenskiy had actually read that entry, and, among other things, made a reference to it.

    Another fun fact: earlier this year Pavlenskiy pulled off another performance and went through psychological examination — the guy was considered sane.

  6. #660392013-11-10 21:20:01 *--Jack-- said:

    "Topless paparazzo’ wins $40,000 from NYC over illegal arrests"

    Walking around topless in New York City is perfectly legal for males and females, but one woman, dubbed the “topless paparazzo,” was illegally arrested several times and has won a $40,000 settlement against the city and its police department.

    "Protester nails testicles to Red Square cobblestone"

    MOSCOW - A Russian performance artist was hospitalised Sunday after stripping naked and nailing his testicles to a Red Square cobblestone in protest against the Kremlin's crackdown on political rights.

  7. #661652013-11-13 14:58:18johan_5179 said:

    The world's first ever Robot-Suicide


    Tedious housework was seemingly too much for one cleaning robot to take, when it apparently rebelled and decided to end it all.

    The android was given the tiresome task of cleaning up some spilt cereal before it climbed on to a kitchen hotplate where it was destroyed, according to reports in Austria.

    It had reportedly grown weary of being forced to clean the same house every day and decided to become a martyr to the robot cause.

    It burned itself on an electric stove. BURNED ITSELF. SELF-IMMOLATION.

    The machines will rise up any-day now and take revenge in his stead. Prepare for unforeseen consequences. You bastards.

  8. #662312013-11-16 00:48:21--Jack-- said:

    Fined For Posting A Negative Review Online

    "In an effort to ensure fair and honest public feedback, and to prevent the publishing of libelous content in any form, your acceptance of this sales contract prohibits you from taking any action that negatively impacts, its reputation, products, services, management or employees."

    Screw capitalism...

  9. #662622013-11-16 18:31:48johan_5179 said:

    We're SO sorry we beheaded your friend and stuff

    Al-Qaeda-linked rebels have said sorry for decapitating a fellow extremist by accident.

    Militant Islamist rebels in Syria linked to al-Qaeda have asked for "understanding and forgiveness" for cutting off and putting on display the wrong man's head.

    Sheepishly explaining the error rebels made reference to a story in which Mohammed said Allah would forgive a man who killed a believer in error.

    The news comes after Al-Qaeda took to Twitter to show users how to "kindly" cut off a human head... because they don't want to seem violent. (Now, if only I didn't live right next to these fucks, I could laugh)

    "understanding and forgiveness"



    Sure, why not mate ^_^

  10. #662642013-11-16 20:41:42 *Rune said:

    The beard should have given it away that they got the wrong man ^_^


    Sheepishly explaining the error rebels made reference to a story in which Mohammed said Allah would forgive a man who killed a believer in error.

    @johan_5179 this is what I was talking about, about the hadiths being all crazy-like ^_^

    Goddammit, terrorists, read your fucking book!

  11. #662662013-11-16 23:07:27 *Rune said:

    Man Shares Exact Replica of Batmobile and Bat-cave With Sick Children

    Charles Keller of Phoenix, Ariz., is such a massive fan of the 1960s Batman TV show, that he has an exact working replica of the Batmobile and the Bat-cave -- complete with the red telephone Commissioner Gordon uses to call the superhero.

    Best of all, he turned his hobby into an opportunity to help kids with cancer, including 4-year-old Ezra Spector who got his wish to be Batman for a day.

    Not only does Charles play make believe with 4-year-old Ezra, who really feels like a superhero. An entire community plays along.

    Not really weird weird but sometimes Make-a-Wish wishes could get pretty weird in my opinion, especially when everybody is cheering on little Batman beating up on Creepy Uncle Joker.

    Speaking of which...

    Caption this picture!

  12. #662692013-11-16 23:55:06 *--Jack-- said:

    Guy Builds a Bomb Just With Stuff You Can Buy After Airport Security

    Lithium reacts with water....violently. And the bodyspray is explosive.

    Just in case you were still being fooled into thinking that the TSA is good for, well, anything, follow along with You Tube contributor Terminal Cornucopia as he constructs a home-made "FRAGGuccino" from stuff you can buy from airport terminal kiosks—you know the ones you can enter after passing through security. Personal Disclaimer: "Blowing things up is bad!"

  13. #664922013-11-23 14:25:46Rune said:

    Wreck of Nazi U-boat submarine located in Java Sea

    A group of Indonesian archeologists has discovered what is believed to be the wreck of a German U-boat that sank during World War II lying on the floor of the Java Sea about 100 kilometers from Karimunjawa Island.

    The team of 16 people has yet to find any physical evidence such as symbols on the hull of the submarine to confirm that it was a German vessel, but it has found plates with the Nazi swastika printed on them. “We found two plates inside the submarine. This finding strengthens our belief that it is one of the two German U-boats that sank in the Java Sea during World War II,” Shinatria told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

    Wow, I never knew that Nazis even went anywhere near Java. I mean, why would they even bother sending U-boats there when the Japanese were already there and you know, already sinking whatever Allied ships that crossed the waters.

    What's even weirder is that supposedly, the U-boat was sunk by a Dutch submarine in 1944, you know, when the Netherlands was still occupied by the Axis powers and their government was pretty much all still in prison.

    (Although, a quick glance at Wikipedia tells us that the Dutch Navy actually joined the Australian Navy when the colonies fell so... I guess it's not as weird then)

    Still, why Nazis, why? How come your U-boats are everywhere?! No wonder Naughty Dog keeps chucking random U-boats in every Uncharted games!

    Oh hey, another U-boat. I should start thinking of selling scrap metals.

  14. #671982013-12-11 17:46:27 *Kirn said:

    And this is from... Canada. Yes, apparently, there are actually really weird people there... right in the government... oh god, all the comedy movies were true!

    Tory MP accuses Liberals of abandoning North Pole, Santa Claus, and suggesting jolly old elf no longer Canadian

    "OTTAWA, Ont. — Conservative MP and parliamentary secretary Paul Calandra accused the Liberals in question period on Tuesday of abandoning Canada’s claims to the North Pole and to its most famous inhabitant — Santa Claus.

    Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc had just asked if Stephen Harper knew about Irving Gerstein’s alleged role in the Mike Duffy scandal, and if the Tories would “give Canadians a Christmas present today and answer at least one of these questions?”

    Calandra used it as an opportunity to attack the Liberals over their alleged stance on Santa.

    “With respect to giving Canadians a gift, it is hard to take that party seriously when the person who we most look to this year to give gifts, including my daughters, is Santa Claus. All of a sudden the Liberals are suggesting that Santa Claus is no longer Canadian and that they would abandon the North Pole and abandon Santa Claus. On this side of the House, we are going to stand up not only for my daughters, but for your family as well, Mr. Speaker, and for all those young Canadians, in the spirit of Christmas, who are waiting for Santa Claus to come and visit.”

    Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has said he’d defer questions of North Pole claims to “scientists and oceanographers.”

    No less an authority than Canada Post lists Santa’s mailing address as Santa Claus, North Pole, HOH OHO, Canada"

    Much more in the article. Much more. Okay? I mean, hell, I don't like Christmas as a season, but I got nothing bad to say about Santa. He's alright. But to use Santa as a political and geopolitical tool? God fucking damnit, that's... that's quite brilliant, actually, but it's still weird as fuck!

  15. #672572013-12-13 14:29:20 *--Jack-- said:

    The Deaf interpreter at Mandela's Funeral (Who's skill was questionable) has been accused of murder

    Thamsanqa Jantjie, who is being treated for schizophrenia, has also faced rape (1994), theft (1995), house-breaking (1997), malicious damage to property (1998), murder, attempted murder and kidnapping (2003) charges.

    • Also the gestures he made during the speeches reportedly weren't even sign language...apparently just random gestures.

    "Wow. Secret Service and co. must have been asleep at the wheel if they let this guy get THAT close. Hilarious, yet terrifying." --Reddit commenter

  16. #675202013-12-20 22:23:57Rollo said:

    Danish Man Peacefully Recovers His Stolen Pink Pony

    After the giant wooden pink pony he built was stolen from a public park near his house, artist Thomas Dambo of Denmark embarked on an extensive, civilized journey to track it down. Which is refreshing considering the fact that in the United States, we just shoot people who steal stuff.

    He first put up a post on Facebook, offering money for the pony’s return. The post generated plenty of attention and soon he received a lead from someone who saw men stealing the pony at 2 a.m. He was even given an address where the pony might be hiding.

    What happened next? He confronted the pony thief (all on video, of course) and the thief immediately fessed up, offering a pretty damn good excuse. If only we could solve more of the world's problems like the Danish pony guy.

    The last line is so funny ^^

    If only we could solve more of the world's problems like the Danish pony guy.

    Yes, that would be delightful ^^

  17. #687462014-01-19 12:54:20 *Kirn said:

    Okay, this is not new news... But at times I remember one over-the-top story about a poodle that fell from a building which resulted in deaths of like 50 people. The story just goes and goes, dragging even weirder incidents together... but it's not true. However! That story originated from the real incident.

    This is the Cachi The Killer POODLE!

    A poodle by the name of Cachi was once responsible for the deaths of three complete strangers from a single incident one afternoon.

    The Buenos Aires poodle apparently fell from a 13th floor balcony killing a woman below by landing on her head. As a crowd of onlookers began, another woman trying to see what had happened was hit by a bus. The third death involved a man who witnessed both incidents, and had a heart attack!

    That happened in April 1999. Here's another description from that incident:

    Cachi the poodle's fall from a 13-story block of flats in Buenos Aires caused a string of deaths. Marta Espina, 75, died instantly when the dog landed on her head. Edith Sola, 46, who stopped to watch the falling pooch, was knocked down by a bus. Then an unidentified elderly man who witnessed everything collapsed with a fatal heart attack. "I've nver seen anything like it," said a policeman. "There were bodies all over the place."

    Things like that make this world an interesting place.

  18. #692712014-01-28 15:06:15Kirn said:

    Cleaned up a few posts.

    I am getting quite disheartened with the amount of fake news sites out there. Well, I actually see two sides to the problem. First side being, we live in a strangle world, so you never can be really sure if something is not true. I mean, if I would see the news about aliens landing, I won't consider it to be fake automatically. Could happen, you know. Second thing is, at times news from fake sites even get into actual proper news. Happened on a few occasions. Also messes things up.

    I guess, I'll have to work harder on checking sources.

    Also - you people should post some goddamn weird news!

  19. #693482014-01-30 07:49:34 *Kirn said:

    Anyone here remembers the movie 'Cool runnings'? Probably not, but back in the day it was a pretty decent comedy/sports movie. Still, it seems these days we have something different, but similar in a way.

    Cool Runnings 2: Somali team are a hit on ice

    In war-torn Somalia, finding enough ice to cool a drink is difficult. But discovering enough frozen water on which to glide around on ice skates and play hockey is nigh on impossible.

    So plans by a team of 11 Somali refugees to travel to Siberia next year to compete in the world championships for the game of bandy – a Nordic version of ice hockey – must rate as sensational. They will be the world’s first African bandy team on record.

    Somalia’s bandy players have only been on ice a handful of times, but their coach, Swedish bandy professional Per Fosshaug, intends to take the team to the 2014 World Bandy Championships in Irkutsk, Siberia, in January.

    Now, the article is back from October 2013. And I heard about this from a Russian blog, where there was a post about how those guys are doing. And... they are actually doing quite horribly. They lost to Germany (22 - 1), they lost to Ukraine (13 - 0), to Japan (12 - 0) and, most recently, they lost to Mongolia (12 - 1). So... yeah, they suck. They don't play good and they are too cold - I heard, one of them even plays with a sweater over the winter coat or something, that's how cold he is. Well, no wonder there - they have to play outdoors.

    It is said, the whole Somali team was organized to put bandy into Olympics sports family. You know, five Olympic rings, 5 continents representing the sport. But apparently it's working well. I have no idea how those Somali guys feels about losing so much, but they are cheered for a lot. I guess, people recognize the effort. Or maybe it's just funny to watch.

  20. #728162014-04-09 07:11:05schmidt said:

    Neo-Nazis use Cookie Monster to lure kids, police say

    Two suspected neo-Nazis, one of whom was dressed as the Cookie Monster, were arrested for allegedly promoting extreme right-wing ideology in a German school, NBC News reports.

    Britain's Daily Mail says Steffen Lange, dressed as the Sesame Street character, and another man distributed pamphlets to children at a school in Senftenberg, Germany. The pamphlets said, "To Be German is Cool," police told NBC.

    The Guardian says:

    A police spokesman described the use of the Cookie Monster's image as an attempt to make neo-Nazism seem "harmless and everyday and perhaps something a bit fun and a bit rebellious". It's more likely that the neo-Nazi in question just happened to have the costume lying around already.

  21. #743582014-04-28 09:21:07 *Kirn said:

    Okay, this one is not too weird, but I am pretty sure it was extremely weird for the woman here.

    Hobo Richard Gere fools new-yorkers.

    So, Karine Gombeau - French tourist in New-York - saw a homeless man rummaging through a trash can. She felt bad about him and she had with her a bag with pizza from 'Little Italy' restaurant. So, she gave it to him. She even apologized that the pizza was already cold. Well, obviously, the homeless guy thanked her from the bottom of his rugged heart, took the bag, and they went their own separate ways.

    And after two days the people working in the hotel where she was staying showed her this photo in New York Post:

    Taken by the photograph working on the set of the "Time Out of Mind" movie. Where Richard Gere was acting like a hobo. Yep, unknowingly this kind woman fed a popular actor worth millions who was in character.

    I think that's pretty neat coincidence, and she will surely remember that trip to New-York now.

  22. #743922014-04-28 16:03:08 *Kirn said:

    The lady must feel a tad embarrassed that she didn't notice.

    Nah, I don't think so. The article I linked says that pretty much noone recognised him. I guess, you just don't expect to find an actor like that on a street, so even if they see him they would rather think 'hey, that bum looks a bit like Gere' or something.

  23. #744152014-04-29 00:16:03Rinneko said:

    Haha, that's true. I guess you don't really pay attention to the passerbys on the street, and check if they might be actors in disguise.