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  1. #1100262017-04-11 06:12:05 *--Jack-- said:

    Furry Convention Cancelled After Neo-Nazi Association & Tax Irregularities Come To Light

    The accompanying stock photo may horrify you. It has been censored for your peace of mind.

    Colorado furry convention Rocky Mountain Fur Con has been canceled. Funds collected in advance of this August's event are to be spent on existing liabilities, and refunding attendees and dealers where possible; any remainder will go to the convention charity.

    While their official statement cites rising security costs, the closure follows the controversial issues surrounding CEO Kendal Emery (Kahuki Liaru), and the "Furry Raiders" group. It has also been discovered by Flayrah that the convention's parent company's Federal tax-exempt status, obtained in 2009, had lapsed, and it had not filed taxes for a period of seven years, while still claiming to be a registered 501(c) non-profit. In this investigative report we can identify the issues that have contributed to the end of Denver's furry convention.

    Apparently these "furry raiders" are a group of furries headed by some guy with the nickname foxler (a play on fox and hitler). He's known for wearing the group's arm band for their club (intentionally red with the paw logo in a circle, styled similar to nazi arm bands), being racist, and other already-out-of-the-ordinary things. Also apparently there's an "AltFurry" hashtag on twitter that foxler has used (its an equivalent to Alt-right if you did not make the connection). The final nail in the coffin is his 1993 conviction for "Criminal Sexual Contact with a Minor".

    Should I have left out any other important details...well...I really didn't want to research much more about it.

    Here's a picture from his twitter:

  2. #1100682017-04-13 15:49:06Kirn said:

    ‘Charging Bull’ Sculptor Says ‘Fearless Girl’ Violates His Rights

    So, apparently, on Wall Street there's a Charging Bull statue. That's normal. Actually, I believe, bull and bear are two important terms of the stock trade. And anyone who was Wolf from Wall Street know how much those fucks think of themselves as macho guys. So yeah, bull. Charging. Very fucking manly. That's silly enough in its own right.

    And then, apparently, on International Women Day, some small firm placed a Fearless Girl statue, right in front of the bull, literally going 'fuck you, I am not afraid'. And it's silly enough, with all the posturing and using other statue for your statue's emphasis and for the whole relation to women's day bullshit...

    But then author of the first sculpture went to court. And god fucking damn it, this got so retarded!

    "In our opinion, a deliberate choice was made to exploit and to appropriate the 'Charging Bull' through the placement of 'Fearless Girl,'" attorney Norman Siegel said at the press conference.

    Siegel said they believed the artist's rights had been violated as a result of placing the statue of the girl "directly across from the 'Charging Bull,'" without Di Modica's permission.

    What can we take from this? Bull lost his balls.

    The attorney said "Fearless Girl" was a "marketing campaign" for the SHE index based around the confrontational image of the two statues. This amounted to commercial use of "Charging Bull," Siegel said, in violation of Di Modica's trademark rights.

    So weird and dumb on so many levels. Statue rights wars!

  3. #1101842017-04-21 17:34:33Kirn said:

    Girls have a higher chance of getting pregnant than boys

    Buhera – Zimbabwe’s First lady, Doctor Grace Mugabe has advised young girls in Zimbabwe to be careful with their lives since girls have a higher chance of falling pregnant than their male counterparts.

    Doctor. She is a motherfucking doctor!!

    “Girls have a higher chance of falling pregnant than boys. If you look at the statistics, girls have nearly 100% chance of getting pregnant, while boys have nearly zero chances of falling pregnant. This means girls have to be extra extra vigilant”, she said

    Motherfuckers... well, you heard it. Girls have much higher change to get pregnant, than boys! So beware!

    No, really, can't even have commentary to this.