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    #653342013-11-03 06:58:36 *someone said:

    What up, y'all. Haven't really posted as much lately, since school has been killing me day by day. But no matter, Christmas is coming up in... 51 days as of writing this (goddamn that's a lot of time), so I'll do something related, like send paper through the mail. Postage for letters isn't ridiculously expensive (at least for my budget), so I'll send it wherever, even if you're in Zimbabwe or something. Basically goes as follows:

    1. PM details to me on who/where I should send the card/letter to

    2. I make/write something out of paper, pen or sharpie, and random shit around my house. I might buy a card as well. Alcohol may or may not be involved in this step.

    3. Cram letters into a mailbox

    4. ?????

    5. Heartwarming tingz for the holidays

    What you may receive can range from an 8.5x11 piece of paper written in sharpie to a fancy card, depending on what I feel like doing (See step 2). Just don't expect much out of it so I don't disappoint you.

  2. #653532013-11-03 13:59:01 *Kirn said:

    Christmas is coming up in... 51 days as of writing this (goddamn that's a lot of time)

    You know, reading this just made me remember this song, which really sums up a lot of things about christmas today.

    Well, while I say that, I also live in a country where postal service is so bad it takes anywhere from 1 to 2 months for a letter to get to the person. So for some people there may be some merit in starting this thing early...
    Anyhow, it will be kinda interesting to see how this turns out.