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  1. Ragnarok Online: Now available on Steam!

    #655982013-11-07 07:57:03 *Kip said:

    Do you enjoy taking long walks in the middle of nowhere? Do you like hunting small, cute animals and killing them for their low level loot? Do you enjoy grinding out minimum amounts of levels with your friends for hours and hours? Do you like gelatin? Are you a masochist?

    Then Ragnarok Online is the game for you!

    Ragnarok Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). It was created by the Gravity Corporation based in Seoul, South Korea. Ragnarok Online (RO) allows you to create a virtual character, customize it, and partake in epic adventures across exotic lands. RO is a great way to hang out with friends as well as make new ones. With an ever-expanding universe, in-game events, and a large community of users, there are always places to see, things to do, and people to meet in the world of Ragnarok!

    And now, for your gaming pleasure, RO is available for free on Steam! For those of you who have never played RO before, you may not understand just how fantastic that is. Because you've never experienced "downloading Ragnarok Online."

    cue the dramatic music.

    Now, for those of you who don't know what Ragnarok Online is, let me give you a quick briefing.

    In RO, you begin your journey as a Novice. You have two levels; a Base Level and a Job Level. Your Job Level is what you will need to level up in order to become your First Class, Second Class, and so-on.

    There are 6 First Classes that you will be able to choose from once you reach Job Level 10:

    In Ragnarok Online, a character's abilities and skills are defined by their class (also known as job). Characters start out as Novices, then once they reach job level 10 they can choose between a variety of first job classes. After attaining Job Level 40 they can then change to a second class job, either 2-1 or 2-2. Once Base Level 99 and Job Level 50 as a second class, they can choose to transcend and start the process again, being rewarded with a more powerful, transcendent character. A 2-1 or 2-2 regular or transcendent character can then chose to change to a third class, which breaks the level 99 barrier. The current maximum base and job level for third classes are 150 and 50.

    There are an additional 3 Extended First Class Job's that you may choose from. However, 2 of them do not further level into anything. Those are Ninja and Gunslingers. It is usually recommended that you start out with one of the main 6 First Classes before experimenting with an Extended Class, which are for more advanced players who understand the mechanics of Ragnarok Online.

    Now then, like any MMORPG, you can create parties with friends in order to challenge high level dungeons together, level up faster, or to complete quests.

    screencap by me~

    There are hundreds of monsters and dungeons that you can encounter in Ragnarok Online, and over 20 Classes for you to choose from while leveling up your character! Each Class provides you with a whole different set of buffs, abilities, and techniques. Some classes obviously require more skill than others, but you should eventually get the hang of it.

    It's not all about fighting in dungeons. There are plenty of other fun things to do, like participating in special events, joining a PVP match, catching pets, or getting married to your friends.

    screencap by me~ i'm the one in the black tux with horns. the blue haired girl is also mine.

    You can also explore RO's gigantic map and visit other towns or cities.

    images found on google.

    Sometimes certain events will reward you with items for your character, or cards, which are items that you can attach to gear to give yourself extra points in certain stats or permanent buffs.

    Stats are the points you distribute to your character after gaining Base Levels, where as Skill Points are what you obtain after gaining Job Levels. This part is pretty self explanatory, and you always want to distribute points you receive into what you think is best for your character.

    (example; you would give your Swordsman Vitality and Strength so that they can be tough and tanky!)

    I think I've talked your ears off enough. If you would like more information about Ragnarok Online, here is the iRO Wiki website. It has everything you need to know, including information on gear, what the best builds are for certain classes, and where your Job Changers are located!

    Information on Levels
    Information on Classes
    Information on Items

    Happy hunting you damn masochists. o/
  2. #655992013-11-07 07:57:15 *Kip said:

    This is the post in which I pester all of you for your usernames in RO so that I can place them here with your corresponding class and CL name.

    no one yet because this thread is new damn it. give me some time to gather the masses. PM me here or message me on Skype with your Class and character name so that I can share it with the other users.

    Classic RO Server

    @Kip : Invah - Novice


    @Kip : Invah - Novice

  3. #656002013-11-07 07:57:47 *Kip said:

    And this is the post in which I will list any upcoming events on the server or any Raids that CL users are planning.

    again, PM me or something.
  4. #656012013-11-07 08:18:31Kirn said:

    You know, we once tried that. I don't remember the server we picked, but about 20+ CL people went to play RO at some point. This lasted... about two weeks, maybe?

    Good game, though. This is the game that, during period 2007-2008, set me on my way of being professional hardcore MMO gamer. This is the game with, to this day, one of the best Guild vs Guild wars. This is a game where you can ruin your character, which took you half a year to level up, forever by assigning one single wrong stat point. This game is damn good.

    Well, I won't pick this up now, because I have other things coming, but for those of you who want to build a real character, go play RO and try to join a WoE solo-guild. That's the path to achieve greatness.

  5. #656032013-11-07 08:27:08Kip said:

    ♥♥♥ @Kirn

    ah man, i wish i could have been there for the RO binge on CL! but 2 weeks... man, that ain't enough time to do all of the fun stuff! did they even bother fighting MVP's or challenging Endless Tower???

    and yis, this is the game that got me into MMO's as well. i will always love it. even if it does have that intense, looming fear of "IF YOU MISCLICK EVEN ONCE YOUR CHARACTER IS FUCKED." shit is permanent. this game is easy and hard at the same time.

  6. #656082013-11-07 09:29:26TeruShinozaki said:

    Although, the game has become ridiculously easier after Renewal, as well as with the later additions of EXP modifying items, stat point reset items, and daily quests. After Renewal, I had been able to reach Trans 99 in a single day on a few characters, and I play the game casually. EXP slows the hell down after breaking the 100 barrier though, so I think playing as a 3rd job class is an experience that is much more similar to classic RO.

  7. #656022013-11-07 08:23:40DarkChaplain said:

    I laughed when it popped up under new releases.

    Steam really needs a tab for "new on Steam" vs "new releases". They also date A LOT of old games with their steam release dates on the storepages, rather than the original release date, like they do with most other games, if they decide to do their job properly.

    I tell ya, Steam and Black Library, those online stores are gonna be the death of me.

  8. #656042013-11-07 08:31:44Kip said:

    yeah, especially when people go to download a new game thinking that it's 2013, but they end up getting 2003 graphics lol.

  9. #656072013-11-07 09:01:10Kip said:

    i'm pretty sure it connects to the iRO server, the game is just run through Steam.

    when you download it and open the game through Steam you'll be asked to create a WarpPortal account.

  10. #656102013-11-07 09:48:59Kirn said:

    @Kip, I really don't think they never got around to anything, really... I mean, two weeks, some people won't even get their 2-1 job class during that time yet.

    Well, RO wasn't my first MMO, but I'd say for my resume, it was one of my major achievements. That was the game where I pretty much won. The whole server, any of three major alliances we had, they all were weaker than my guild. And we had no allies. Really, we went 50 people against 250... and it was goddamn great!

    Damn... I will try not to go on full nostalgic mode here. But yeah, that's MMO in its finest. Fuck WoW. And yeah, I also saw it on Steam a while back, under 'new', and I laughed my ass off )

  11. #659002013-11-09 19:44:03Lycan said:

    Gotta admit I am interested but I've already gotten into Legend of Edda with ten other CL people. The thought of uninstalling it and starting over on Ragnarök feels kind of counter productive. :c