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  1. Mother 4

    #657642013-11-08 16:16:24Rune said:

    Hey, I don't know if CL people are actually interested in the MOTHER series or not but you see, there is this fan game called MOTHER 4 that has been in development from god knows when (ca. 2008 iirc) which had only had 'we're still working on it!' kind of updates every few months or so.

    Until now! It looks like they were working on it all this time because we finally have a release date!


    And a trailer!

    And a new site!


    Anyway, check out their new, sleek website. They must have spent a lot of time on that since they had been using WordPress for so long...

    At this point in time though, despite its rather long development time, they still haven't really revealed much about the game. Although they had promised to start doing that within the course of the year until the release. What info they currently have on their sparkly new site though, is the thing that they have had for a long time and here it is:


    And because of this, it's still kind of hard to get all that excited all over this game just yet.

    But hey, the series have always had bad marketing anyway and the games are still good. Here's hoping this could actually be worthy of the copyrighted name it stole :)

    subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/mother4

  2. #657892013-11-08 19:55:17 *--Jack-- said:

    Floyd is wearing pink.


    Pink Floyd


    I really enjoyed the Mother series, but the first one especially.

  3. #657992013-11-08 21:31:58TeruShinozaki said:

    Oh hey, this is still a thing! Good on them for keeping this up, with absolutely no funding whatsoever too. It's quite a shame the team turns donations down. I would throw my money at something like this.

    The screenshots look pretty promising, although it looks to me too much like a Mother 3 clone. I do hope it's got a good enough story to set itself apart. Well, I'm personally looking forward to this, even if it is a fangame!