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  1. [EDITED] Who wants to cry? - Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

    #659522013-11-10 03:08:58 *hakaseyu13 said:

    Just finished AnoHana. And I expect to cry at Full Title: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

    Plot: Jinta Yadomi and his group of childhood friends have become estranged after a tragic accident split them apart. Now in their high school years, a sudden surprise forces each of them to confront their guilt over what happened that day and come to terms with the ghosts of their past.

    Link to MAL: (myanimelist.net/anime/9989/Ano_Hi_Mita_Hana_no_Namae_wo_Bokutachi_wa_Mada_Shiranai.)

    So if you want an anime to cry for, then AnoHana is for you.

  2. #659662013-11-10 06:37:05hakaseyu13 said:

    @mizlily The story is well-balanced.. The characters are well-developed each episode. And the supernatural-ish was successfully inserted. Thus, this is a anime drama so the love thingy was kinda minimized... And it's all about friendship and forgiveness.

  3. #659732013-11-10 07:28:50Kirn said:

    This is a bad and useless thread. If you want to tank about that anime, change the name and provide some info about it. Right now it looks more like a goddamn twitter post. And trust me, this place is nobody's twitter. What, next time you will make a thread about what you had for breakfast?

  4. #659812013-11-10 13:04:08AnimeShifter said:

    I never understood all the hype and useless tears about this anime and Madoka. I've seen few episodes of AnoHana and I was dissapointed. Dropped it. It was just awful, a bunch of kids chasing a ghost. I'd rather cry remembering my dead relatives.

  5. #661442013-11-13 08:32:20Kip said:

    i remember i was going to post in this but then i saw that Ashkachan posted and i didn't want to end up starting a discussion with someone who has the brain capacity of a flea.

  6. #661682013-11-13 18:46:52TalTal said:

    I tried it because everyone hyped it up and said they cried, but I was disappointed. The emotional connect just wasn't there for me. I didn't care about the characters, certainly didn't care when Memna passed on. The use of the note to write her final words seemed too cliche for me.

    I can see where people liked it, but it just wasn't for me.

  7. #662852013-11-17 07:42:17coobar1912 said:

    Puh-lease. If you think that AnoHana was sad, then you haven't seen Saikano or Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

    Shit was like onions to my eyes.