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  1. The Colorless Christmas Card Thread

    #660632013-11-11 14:21:05 *Xyopq said:

    Hey guys, it's nearing the biggest birthday of the year and for the past couple of years, we've held a Secret Santa event. However, since half of the participants didn't receive their presents last year due to unforeseen circumstances/Customs Restrictions/Laziness. I've decided to host a Christmas card thread instead, since it should be a lot easier to get people to join in (and cheaper to boot).

    The way we'll do this is simple. Send me a PM stating that you want to join in and the address you'd like like your card sent to by the 1st of December Once signups have closed, I'll draw names from a Top Hat and PM you the details of your victim recipient.

    So what are you waiting for? Lets do it!





    -Other People (Secret)