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  1. #661242013-11-12 22:12:05Kittycat said:

    Dear my love,

    I've been so very sad without you.. Why did you have to go so early? I was so close to finally being with you. I made a promise to you half a year ago - a promise I will never forget. I promised that I would be by your side, now that's impossible. There are so many things I want to say - to get out of my head. The sad thing is... the only one I would tell these things to would be you. I feel so alone. You made me feel warm, you were my sun; you were the center of my universe - but now all I feel is a chill in my heart cause you're gone. I will never forget the conversations we've had... every word you said to me. Your heart was truly golden, you thought of others before yourself. You told me to live every day as if it were my last, at the time, I heard what you had said, but I didn't really understand. You meant live life with no regrets, be as happy as I can be. You meant that if I were to die at any moment, for me to be glad that it was that moment. You lived your life knowing that at any moment it could end. I'm glad you died smiling... So glad that it brings me to tears.


    Your fuzzy friend, Kittycat