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REVIEW: The Turcom Huion Tablet and why you shouldn't buy it.

  1. #908582015-07-21 14:35:45Angiepop said:

    Woah. So no one may ever see this but I have to say something. I bought that Turcom tablet almost 2 years ago now, and I LOVE it. It was affordable, and I didn't need anything fancy, just something to doodle with in photoshop. It came looking exactly like the picture. Whatever you showed.. idk... it kind of looks like you ordered it from some janky site and they shipped you a fake one.. Mine came with a nice sleek pad, and the pen with the "eraser" as you called it.. though it's actually not an earaser its a button lol. I'm sorry that happened. Some people get good products and others I guess don't, but don't give up all faith.

  2. #910752015-08-07 06:51:42sonnio said:

    Mine's perfectly fine. No scam or anything... but then again I got it from a trusted website that values their customers. It's better then my bamboo pen and touch and bigger

  3. #910802015-08-07 20:09:01Kip said:

    @sonnio there's an amazon account that calls itself HUION but it's not really Huion. tablet works for like a month or 2 and then it crashes, and it also took all of my drivers with it and i had to buy a new laptop.

    The ACTUAL Huion brand is reputable and produces good tablets. Turcom is a rip off tho. I haven't bothered going back to look into them more to really give people any signs of the scam, except only advice i have is to go to the actual Huion website to buy a tablet and not get anything off of Amazon.