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  1. Delete (mini-series)

    #662332013-11-16 01:11:02 *Gwynn said:

    Delete is a SyFy low budget miniseries now available on Netflix, at time of writing there is no Wikipedia entry for it. The best way to describe it is: Rogue AI sends the world into a panic. Sounds boring, maybe a bit like Die Hard 4? Agreed, the difference is a wonderful focus on hacker culture, and a realistic look at how the US government would deal with such a threat.

    It’s the kind of science fiction I love: Hard Core. Allow me to back up, Ghost in the Shell: SAC is a favorite for the same reason, it’s based on currently existing policy and technology. The idea of hard core science fiction is that it exists in a realistic world, asking existential questions rather than the usual “wouldn’t it be cool if,” scenario. The writing and acting is top notch, you may notice a number of actors from Supernatural and of course, Seth Green.

    The effects work in this film is another important point; programs like After Effects have made it so low budget films can still contend with blockbusters. I’m a longtime fan of video copilot, a site that teaches said program, and a number of Delete’s effects can be found on video copilot. As an amateur effects artist, I was quite impressed at how immersive the series was, even though I was familiar with the effects. Long story short, what they’ve done on their budget is quite impressive.

    It’s free on Netflix, go watch it.

  2. #665892013-11-26 15:15:39Gwynn said:

    No, I've only been able to find it on netflix, which doesn't link well. Videocopilot is the effects site I was talking about.

  3. #666012013-11-26 18:29:36Kirn said:

    You know, there are these magical things, called torrents. Which everyone uses so they won't have to be bothered with all those 'available in the country' crap. You really are new on the internet, aren't you?

  4. #666212013-11-27 05:03:46Rinneko said:

    @Kirn Nah, I've heard about torrents. However I was too lazy to bother getting in to it as I didn't have many blocked shows I wanted to watch. Maybe I will now...