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  1. Robot and Frank (Film)

    #663182013-11-18 19:09:56 *Gwynn said:

    We've been developing robots to help with daily tasks: farming, transport, military, entertainment, and healthcare; to name a few. Robot and Frank takes place in the near future, a world with widespread helper robots and augmented reality toys. Frank, an elderly man with Alzheimer's, is given a robotic helper by his son. At first Frank hates the robot, until he realizes that the robot can help him with his old career, as a cat burglar.


    Initially Frank is simply shoplifting, and finds out that he can use the robot to help him with more advanced heists. The robot asks Frank to eat a low sodium diet in return, using the heists as a means to help Frank.

    Somehow, this movie manages to be heartwarming and avoid being cheesy. This is somewhere between Moon and Awakenings (also amazing films). This was submitted to Sundance, and it's top notch.

    It's on netflix, among other places, go watch it already.

  2. #663242013-11-18 19:42:13Kirn said:

    Decent movie. Not exactly major movie or anything, but it's well made and kinda has the right emotions and stuff. It's not easy to explore the robot/human interaction theme in a calm environment without blowing something up or trying to destroy mankind.