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Persona 5 [UPDATED]

  1. #871322015-02-06 02:39:25 *Warlock said:

    I am very hyped after seeing that trailer. The MC looked a lot better than I imagined, and I think the idea of stealing shit would be cool for a Persona game. Kinda hoping for some previous characters besides Igor to make their appearances as well.

    That stealth system looked very interesting too. Overall, looks fun and unique. Though I wonder if there will be any noticeable differences between the PS3/PS4 versions.

  2. #872672015-02-09 22:38:47awkwardangels said:

    More info on Persona 5!!!

    Soejima says that while the protagonist of Persona 5 may appear to be the quiet type from what we’ve seen of him so far, this is a ruse of some sort. Meanwhile, his Persona, Arsene, is meant to give off a more oldschool vibe, visually speaking. Arsene’s cape (wings?) is designed to convey the image of a thief that can go to places out of others’ reach.

    Hashino reveals that the main character meets Anne and Ryuji, the other two characters in the trailer, at the start of the game. All three characters have problems of their own, although just what their problems are is not specified. It is hinted at in the Famitsu feature that both the protagonist and his friends have lost their homes.

    Persona 5’s protagonist also runs into the cat character, Morgana, at the start of the game, and Morgana is said to play an important role in the story. It has the ability to transform.

    As far as the battle system goes, Hashino confirms that Persona 5 will once again have turn-based battles, but that the team has incorporated several changes to make it more enjoyable. Hashino also mentions that each character carries a distinct “gun” that serves as their ranged weapon. These aren’t actual guns, though, even though they can be used in battle.

    As reported earlier today, Persona 5 will still feature randomly-generated areas, but that certain areas in the game are specifically designed with the thief motif in mind. A Social Link-like feature will be present as well, although details on this front have not yet been announced. If you’re hungry for more news on the game, you can read up on director Katsura Hashino’s thoughts on it in this post.

    It was also revealed that Production IG will be doing the animated cutscenes for P5! Be prepared for some really well animated stuff, seriously. (And really good 3D.)