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  1. #665262013-11-24 20:19:43n1xx said:

    I'm glad to hear that Shoji Meguro is taking care of the music, once again. <3

    And yes, I'm very excited about this game! The trailer is a particular one. I really can't wait to learn more about P5's theme.

  2. #665272013-11-24 20:57:55awkwardangels said:

    It has a more... Persona 2 feel to it. Which if that's true then yes, it will be darker of a game than Persona 3 and 4. I wouldn't be surprised if social links and tarot cards were removed all together.

    From what I'm basing on the trailer alone it either means:

    1. Persona 5 will take place in a jail, or at least a juvenile correction facility. It explains the chains, and the sound affects. Is this JJBA Part 6 all over again?
    2. Being trapped in stuff. Like school, commitments, relationships. It could mean the return of adult characters too, instead of teenagers.

    Either way, we'll see.

  3. #665302013-11-25 03:23:30 *Noodle said:

    I don't think I would like if they removed social links. However, I would love for adult main characters to be introduced.

    Characters feeling they are slaves to work, marriage and responsabilities is something I think Persona could make really interesting. And its ageing fanbase could probably relate. Life does not end with highschool as persona 3 seem to want you to believe.

  4. #665352013-11-25 11:24:31DevilsDevina said:

    Wow finally.... I thought Persona 5 was cancelled.....

    I really like the Persona series, it makes me think about going out of my own world and enjoy others company, even in good or bad times. And of course the music...beautiful soundtracks that really affects the mood of the players.

  5. #665652013-11-25 23:53:24awkwardangels said:

    @Noodle Persona games haven't always had Social Links. It's really only Persona 3 and 4. The only reason why I say it won't is well... it feels more like Persona 1 and 2 just from the trailer alone. (Persona 2 had a red color scheme.) It likely will have Persona 4's game play however, unless they created a new battle system.

    I think Persona 5 takes place in Persona 1 and 2's world. I'd reveal why, but I'd spoil Persona 2. (If you think Persona 3 or 4 was depressing, ooo boy Persona 2 is split into 2 games for a reason.) I've had this theory for awhile that Persona 5 will be extremely dark, and not at all a happy game. If this one, single trailer is anything to go by... Yeah.

  6. #665702013-11-26 02:01:56Lumiex said:

    Atlus...take my money. Now

    I'm glad that the Persona series is going back to their original darker story designs. P4 was a nice break, but I remember the Persona series being dark :3

  7. #666072013-11-27 02:39:07awkwardangels said:

    Persona 5 has a high school setting, but different atmosphere.

    The chairs and chains shown in the announcement teaser are located at a senior high school, according to the magazine. These make up the theme of Persona 5.

    It’s described as an RPG that contains a message like a cathartic yell to overcome trials and break free from your chains.

    The game will continue to adapt the series’ juvenile high school setting, but the atmosphere will be completely different.

    Atlus promises the game will offer a sense of realism, including life-sized characters and a story built from a new world and values.

  8. #666382013-11-27 22:45:54awkwardangels said:

    Persona 5′s Characters Will Be Restrained By Modern Society

    The characters of Persona 5, Atlus have shared, will be living the hard lives of modern-day society, where each one of them will be restrained by something. Atlus are working on a story that can allow players to experience a new world, along with a new sense of values, together with characters who will bring out a strong sense of reality.

    As previously reported, the game will take place in the series’ usual juvenile school setting, but with a different mood; however, Atlus emphasizes that although Persona 5 will have a different mood, they aim to make it into a new game that will still provide a feeling of reassurance to the fans of the series.

    While Atlus’ characteristics will be present in Persona 5, another one of their goals is to have players feel passion, cry and laugh, then finally feel a sense of elation when all is said and done.

    'Cry and laugh'


  9. #667402013-11-29 03:28:03Xyopq said:

    I've only played Personal 4: The Golden, but I've played through a few shin megami tensei games which are very similar. I'm looking forward to how 5 turns out.

  10. #667412013-11-29 04:29:42 *Mau said:
    I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting a bit tired of High School setting.
    I kinda hope they do away with Social Links, they were fun for 3 and 4, but something different would be nice.
    I'm hoping when they mean a darker setting it's going to be like Persona 2 in that sense.

    Also Relevant:
  11. #668362013-12-02 00:59:26animeftw said:


  12. #675912013-12-22 22:02:37Mau said:
    I just want Kazuma Kaneko's character art back.
    I like Soejima's work, but Kanekos character art gives me such a nostalgic feel.
  13. #819842014-09-01 17:14:39awkwardangels said:


    This is the first look to what seems like the P5 hero. There's a lot of questions at the end, for me anyway. Oh, and it was announced for the PS4 too!

  14. #871152015-02-05 10:01:04Lemon0Zero said:

    Man oh man, this is so going to be exciting to play the new generation. Can't wait for the release. Meanwhile, one must save money for the nextgen console!

  15. #871202015-02-05 16:58:49 *Mau said:


    I take back what I said about the MC he looks interesting.