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Parent: Persona 5 [UPDATED]

  1. #666382013-11-27 22:45:54awkwardangels said:

    Persona 5′s Characters Will Be Restrained By Modern Society

    The characters of Persona 5, Atlus have shared, will be living the hard lives of modern-day society, where each one of them will be restrained by something. Atlus are working on a story that can allow players to experience a new world, along with a new sense of values, together with characters who will bring out a strong sense of reality.

    As previously reported, the game will take place in the series’ usual juvenile school setting, but with a different mood; however, Atlus emphasizes that although Persona 5 will have a different mood, they aim to make it into a new game that will still provide a feeling of reassurance to the fans of the series.

    While Atlus’ characteristics will be present in Persona 5, another one of their goals is to have players feel passion, cry and laugh, then finally feel a sense of elation when all is said and done.

    'Cry and laugh'