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  1. Nightcore music

    #667142013-11-28 13:24:28 *Rinneko said:

    I'm not sure if there are any CL users out there who enjoy nightcore music but I personally find it quite pleasant. I didn't see any thread focused particularly on nightcore either, so I decided to create one. For those who don't know what nightcore is, it is a genre of music that originated from trance music. It is characterised by a usually sped-up melody, fast rhythmic beat, and higher than normal pitch. Most of the time, they are original songs nightcored (i.e. remixed in to nightcore).

    Feel free to share any nightcored music or discuss your views on nightcore. No need to bash the genre though if you hate it deeply.

  2. #667392013-11-29 02:56:31Rinneko said:

    @Taro_Tanako Apparently, the word nightcore itself means 'high-pitched'. I've heard that nightcore is also the name of a band so it may have come from there as well.

  3. #667342013-11-28 23:20:26lightning said:

    I didn't know Nightcore was a genre. I always thought it was one person or group of people who made these, but you learn something new everyday. Might as well contribute.

  4. #667622013-11-30 06:05:15Rinneko said:

    I suppose I'm even more odd, because I've been listening to nightcore for ages but hadn't heard of trance until recently.

  5. #668712013-12-03 15:49:49Rinneko said:

    I was browsing through the youtube nightcore videos, and discovered nightstep. Sounds pretty cool, you have to admit.

    Also, blue nightcore: