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Perfect Pokemon Team

  1. #674892013-12-20 05:03:32Rollo said:


    Hmm... I'm not sure if I could call it 'lead' but since I play almost exclusively double battles, it does tend to be sent out first thanks to the fact that it kills most counters real quick. On the other hand, it is very useful for spread moves w/ its Earthquake and Priority Icicle Spear. It is also Jolly in nature so it can outspeed many Pokemon too.


    I don't play in tournament or VGC because there are a lot of Pokemon that are cool and fun to use. The idea of NOT being able to use them is good enough reason for me not to play in this years VGC/Tournaments. :p

    Well, there's always next year! I'm almost certain that the Kalos native thing is because of Pokebank not being immediately available at launch means that Nintendo can't really gauge the Metagame quickly enough for VGC. Coupled with the fact that hacking was pretty prevalent in Gen V, I think the ban makes sense.

    In any case, if you don't care about VGC '14, then you can always play by VGC-ish rules on the Battle Spot Double Rating Battles. It's pretty much the same thing but without the Kalos native ban and the hassle of booking flights to a Regional. Additionally, it's possibly the best practice for VGC '15 (or whenever they decide to drop the ban) currently available.

  2. #780252014-06-12 01:18:52Teil said:

    @Gwynn I wouldn't say I have mad skills but I'm not the worst. I play on showdown only so if you're looking for a master with a ds then I guess I'm ruled out but I am interested if otherwise!