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  1. Colorless T-Shirt Designs [Your designs can be put on shirts! and seen on CL's store!]

    #669332013-12-06 05:03:52 *--Jack-- said:

    Time for a Thread overhaul!

    The Merch Times are Upon Us

    Yes there is a online merchandise store in the works. This OP will be updated once everything is decided and set up, but the rest can go ahead and start! What this thread is now about is [T-shirt designs for our future store page]. That means you, the community, will be our primary input on what we sell, and what it looks like. All funds made from selling shirts will go to the site, helping it stay up and running. For those of you who can't/don't donate via paypal but want to help, think of this as a non-monetary way to donate!

    Note: We are in no way demanding that you submit anything, and you are NOT required to.

    What we want to see!

    Obviously we'd like to see CL-related art for this, but there are some details about what we need from you guys! We don't just want you to fiddle with this model image anymore, we need more than that! For it to be a legitimate submission, we need the following:

    • A model of the graphic on the a t-shirt where you want it to be positioned (the above image or others like it)

    • The graphic itself! We can't put a picture of a picture on a t-shirt on a t-shirt! We need the Raw Image that you intend to see on a shirt!

    If you want to protect against thievery ( I doubt anyone on-site would do that, but this is a Public forum, so outsiders can see too!) feel free to add a watermark when you post on here so people can see it but can't steal it. If you do, be sure to submit the image privately to a member of staff, with the watermark removed.

    Food for thought

    • Badge-related shirts?

    • Contest-related shirts?

    • Server-Tan?

    • Server-Kun?

    • Project-related shirts? Like the Writing Anthology, or the Choruses?

    • CL logo designs?

    • Other things we love on CL?

    Tools & Tips

    • If you need to use Transparency or other odd things to do with programs like rotating objects 360 degrees, or Making individual objects semi-transparent. I really advise you use the...


    • Also if you use the shirt template above to position your graphic, feel free to use the "paint bucket" in Microsoft paint to change the shirt color if it's intended for a shirt that's different from CL's basic black/Gray background.

    Terms & Conditions

    By Submitting your art:

    You acknowledge that art submitted and used for redistribution on shirts or other merchandise is considered representing in some way, and considered property upon it being chosen for use. We, the staff of, assure you that you have the right to refuse usage of it up until the point where it is already for sale. You surrender all rights to the artwork or piece. The submission no longer belongs to the submitter at this point when used in the store. Your submission is also considered as a "donation" in the form of art/graphic to

    Also this isn't a one time thing, we intend to have this going, whether its a new shirt out every month, year, or whatnot is yet to be decided...but you get the idea.

  2. #669402013-12-06 08:09:09 *Kip said:

    lol i'm just going to keep editing this post because why not.

    here's one for the holidays

    in commemoration for all of @Deftones hard work.

  3. #669522013-12-06 09:17:54Kirn said:

    You should make one that says 'All hail Kirn' on the front and 'He will find and kill you' on the back.

    Seriously, though, we may have problem with supply and demand here. Because who would want a t-shirt like that? Only CL members and crazy people. And not any CL member or crazy person would buy it.

    Things like that should be used for promotion... like, make a t-shirt and go visit some comics or anime or games convention or something. And try to attract more people into our place or horrors and misery.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I imagine a small booth somewhere near the building where convention is going... where we would have someone from CL selling all the stuff - t-shirts, keychains and the prime item - freshly printed CL books volume 1 and 2. That would attract more crazy people and maybe even one or two normal ones. Would require moneyz though for making all the stuff and setting up a place.