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Colorless T-Shirt Designs [Your designs can be put on shirts! and seen on CL's store!]

  1. #795042014-07-04 03:15:36Cenica said:


    The is now the proud owner of a Redbubble account.
    What dis is?
    Redbubble is a website that allows the sale of designs for shirts, phone cases, pillows, stickers, posters, etc. Sales of t-shirts would also help fund the site. A portion of each purchase goes to the site account.

    Sadly our Redbubble account is bare, but we're aiming to fix that. We would like to get designs from you, the community, for our Redbubble shirts. Eventually we're hoping to have a yearly shirt design featuring something like "the Colorless 2014" or such, as well as some designs that are featured on a more long term basis. The yearly t-shirt would be chosen through a contest with the winner getting majority vote.
    With all this in mind we are asking for members to submit general designs for CL t-shirts so that we actually have something to sell and can put our Redbubble account to good use.

    Please only submit original designs. (No stealing! It's bad!) Good luck! Looking forward to seeing what good designs you guys come up with.

  2. #795132014-07-04 09:31:34Cenica said:

    What I mean by wanting designs is wanting shirt designs that relate to CL. This includes original artworks and typography as well. Art's a pretty broad scope. Things that promote the site would be great. In case someone actually wears the shirt outside their home...
    But mostly designs/ artwork that you'd like to wear and think people would wear themselves.

  3. #795142014-07-04 10:22:05Rinneko said:

    In case someone actually wears the shirt outside their home...

    Well, I do hope people actually plan to wear the shirt out. :'D I think clever CL captions would be good.

  4. #802172014-07-14 20:45:02--Jack-- said:

    Ok, bump, while you guys have talked a little about it in chat (for about ten minutes), we're thinking of two ideas at the moment:




    Would you like to see a Rabu shirt? A CL Chorus shirt? A Writing Anthology Shirt?

  5. #968802016-01-04 09:51:11 *EvoRulz said:


    or just a CL hoodie would be really nice, or i'd buy a shovel related shirt since cl revolves around Kirn