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  1. [CHORUS] Star Driver Maiden Medley [COMPLETED]

    #669842013-12-07 00:27:18 *Momimochi said:


    The chorus has enough people interested, thus made official
    Fret not, however, the voting period still won't be over until the day slated below.

    HOWEVER, there will be some kind of... "unofficial" audition going on for this project for, once again, quality control.

    Before anyone starts freaking out, no one's getting kicked out.

    Because there are four different songs mashed together and because the whole mix is essentially verging on six minutes, the audition will be held so that you will only have to sing the ones which suits your voice best. There may be occasions where someone may sound good for all the parts, but when that time comes, I will contact them personally to see if that's what they want.

    Aki'iro no ARIA:

    Komorebi no CONTACT:

    Innocent Blue:


    This is the version that we're all gonna sing


    Aki'iro no ARIA:
    Kowarete hajimaru inochi ga umareru
    ima wa kizuke nakutemo mune no naka uketotteiru no

    furetara kowareru owari o matteru
    sore wa kanashimi o sasou hodo kokoro ni semaru kioku
    kowarete hajimaru inochi ga umareru
    dare mo shiranakutatte mune no naka uketotteiru no
    fuseta hitomi chanto tsunagatteiru no

    Komorebi no Contact:

    kokoro ga hodoketeiku kisetsu ni machiawaseta
    daichi ni ukabiagaru komorebi no KONTORASUTO
    ichimen someru hana wa sora e to noboru hikari
    ikuoku no ibukitachi ima, sekai ga umare kawaru

    Innocent Blue:

    hizashi ga toketeru sora no mukou
    dokomade mo toumei na ao
    SUPIIDO wo ageta omoitachi
    jibun no ishi de ima tobitatsu no

    kanjiteiru mujaki na chikai
    kotoba wa shiranai
    nagareteiku mizu no yukue ni
    kokoro wo haseyou

    sukitooru kisetsu ga suki kaze ga mata netsu wo tsurete kuru
    kizuato wa kieteita wa afuredasu jounetsu no SHINFONII
    nansenkai mo megutte nanmankai mo kagayaku
    sou yatte hikari ga umareru


    daremo shiranai sekai no yoake wo matteiru kodou
    hikari wo tsurete tabidatsu watashi ni hajimaru ashita
    mau yuki wa hoshi no kakera tentai ni te wo nobashite
    ikikau negai shinjiteiru yo
    subete wa ima MONOKUROOMU no naka

    kogoeta kioku wo tokasu te ni ireta ai to tomo ni
    furimukazu ni kanjiaou sora no kanata

    sorezore ga tadoru kidou tatoe mou aenakutemo
    hikari ga miseru ginga no dokoka de tsunagatteiru ne
    chiru hoshi wa suna no you ni mata mune wo amaku naderu
    shizuka ni nemuru yume no zanzou
    subete wa mada MONOKUROOMU no naka

    mau yuki wa hoshi no kakera tentai ni te wo nobashite
    ikikau negai kanjiteiru yo
    subete wa ima MONOKUROOMU no naka

    Even though it's Winter Break, I'm not expecting all o you guys to have time and such because of travelling or visiting family, so the latest date I'm expecting the finalized audio clips is:

    January 11th, 2014 @ 11:59 EST

    Also, as per usual, @n1xx will be helping with the video so please PM or Skype her the icon you want to use.

    And tell me if I missed anyone.

  2. #669872013-12-07 01:22:24MrTrain said:

    Well, as usual I'm up for the singing. The songs are so long I don't want to listen to them again and have to choose. uhhh I guess I'll just vote for #1

  3. #669932013-12-07 02:51:08 *n1xx said:

    Wow, I'm so happy to see that there are many people interested by the maiden medley idea!

    Momi already knows my views on both mixes, so all I can add right now is that I can guarantee being available on December 20th for icon/video-editing!

    When making the AMV, I'll make sure to include that BL scene with the roses~

  4. #669972013-12-07 03:33:08Rinneko said:

    I'm quite interested in this, but are there requirements to join? How does this work?

    (Please pardon my newbie questions.)

  5. #669992013-12-07 04:06:55Momimochi said:

    Since this isn't something that's official yet, there haven't been any requirements made. However, once I deem this project as official, I will update OP and all the information will be provided there.

    Of course, all users are encouraged to join. regardless of skills or experience!

  6. #670042013-12-07 06:27:40Warlock said:

    Definitely, interested. I'll vote in a day or two though on it. I can't really decide, but I think I'll choose the second.

  7. #670112013-12-07 15:18:06 *n1xx said:

    For the moment, @Momimochi is evaluating how many users would be interested by the maiden medley idea.

    If participation rate becomes sufficient, the project will then become official. At that moment, everyone who is interested will be invited to join!

    The decision should be made right after December 20th, so I invite you to keep an eye out for it!

  8. #670092013-12-07 10:55:39Kirn said:

    Well... I have to say - I know nothing of Star Driver. Never was interested in that anime. Know nothing about maiden chorus, too. Mainly because, no matter how you bastards try to convince me otherwise, I am not a maiden. So I am really not sure, is there even a place for a male voice there at all?

    Also, I like the start part on the second recording more, but otherwise the feel the same to me, so no preferences there.

    Would I get many girls again if I participate?

  9. #670122013-12-07 15:33:33 *n1xx said:

    I managed to find a male version of one of the songs on YouTube, and it sounds quite beautiful, actually.

    As a result, I believe there is also a place for males in this chorus!

    (And judging on the current interested users, it's beginning to look like a 3-Girls-for-1-Boy ratio!)

  10. #670142013-12-07 15:51:32 *Kirn said:

    Well, those males sound nothing like me.

    Tell you what. If Momi and you would think that there's a place for my voice-range somewhere in this thing - sure, I can participate. If you would think that I really shouldn't - well, then I will sit this one out.

  11. #670152013-12-07 16:36:44 *n1xx said:

    The audio-editing for this project will be adapting to the voices of those who wish to participate, and not the other way around.

    We wish to make this as accessible as it can be for numerous voice ranges. So if this chorus becomes official, you will be more than welcome to become a part of it!

  12. #670162013-12-07 16:51:34Momimochi said:

    It doesn't sound like any male because whoever did the male just kinda tuned the actual song down, I'm pretty sure lol

  13. #670172013-12-07 17:03:47 *n1xx said:

    Of course, you can easily tell that it was tuned down also by listening to the instruments in the background and by comparing them with the original song.

    Nonetheless, lower voices are also welcome! One of our jobs is to find ways to make interested individuals fit in this, after all!

  14. #670102013-12-07 13:19:24Lazu said:

    I saw this on Facebook and came back here because I'm interested...

    God, I just love the maiden songs so much.

  15. #670212013-12-07 18:00:27 *n1xx said:

    What would be your ideal song category for a chorus?

    It could actually be a great idea to see some future projects feature less conventional music. More variety!

  16. #670222013-12-07 18:07:05DarkChaplain said:

    How about something english for starters, something people don't need fan translations for to understand most of the time? Something that actually has a wider appeal than just to non-weeaboo people on the internetz?

    I mean, come on! There are A LOT of great songs that are almost universally loved or well-known, which often have various instrumental arrangements as well. You know, classic hits that are actually FUN to sing, that bring a good mood to people. Yes, let it be silly, by all means, but make it something silly because its fun, not because people's understanding and pronounciation of random japanese words doesn't hold up.

  17. #670232013-12-07 18:14:47n1xx said:

    I really like that you mention Classic Hits as being options for a future chorus. In fact, amongst the list of projects that I'd like see come to life, there is a particular one that features a variety of English retro tracks that could just be lots of fun to sing for everyone involved.

    It's great to see that you've proposed the idea, even before I could present it to the community for review. Would you be willing to participate if such a project were to eventually begin, in the future?

  18. #670242013-12-07 18:15:37Kirn said:

    Well, it seems I have to speak up here. I do support the idea of singing something recognizable... because, as I said, Star Driver does nothing for me, really. Plus, singing something, what I understand, would really improve my singing, personally.

    You know, I got quite hooked on this one big song, and I though about making chorus out of it. And I think about it more, now that we know that in choruses there can be actual attempts at quality. This is the song I wanted to do:

    But there are many others. For example, the one we wanted to do but never did:

    Also, something for those who enjoys the classic:

    And this one was proposed on chat:

    You know what, after we done with this, I may try to make a chorus of me own, with something in English. Still, I don't have skills for mixing or editing, so I would have to find people willing to do that.

  19. #670262013-12-07 18:16:28Jacek said:


    Let's make it happen. The only reason I don't do these chorus things is because of these godawful weaboo songs.

  20. #670272013-12-07 18:20:50DarkChaplain said:

    I doubt I'd participate in voice work on CL. I'm just finding this trend of japanese songs really utterly boring and not entertaining to listen to.

    We just talked about this on chat a few minutes ago (and probably still are), and @Teru brought up "Still Alive", the first Portal song as an option. Well known, even by non-gamers, with cult status, easy lyrics and even a bit of symbolic value, as CL itself is "Still Alive", now under new leadership, despite all odds, admins, drama, bans and general bullshit.
    @johan_5179 brought up Queen's "We Are the Champions" or "We Will Rock You", as they are simple, widely recognized and FUN to sing, even with a multitude of different voices involved. Heck, I know first hand that random people on the train will jump in and start smiling when they hear a Queen song coming from your radio, phone or whatever.

    The appeal of random animu openings from yesteryear is fairly limited, and it is not something to really show around to non-japfags. Widening the potential audience would be a good thing.

  21. #670282013-12-07 18:23:31 *n1xx said:

    @Jacek: It would be great if DC and/or @Kirn started their own projects! They would both have my support and my help, if it is needed. I strongly encourage the initiative!

    @johan_5179 & @DarkChaplain: For future reference, I will make note of those songs!

  22. #670292013-12-07 18:24:08Momimochi said:

    DC, you better participate if it does happen. Because that's your obligation. by obligation I mean to satisfy my perverse curiosity in hearing everyone sing

    But on a more serious note, pls make own chorus instead of derailing thread with massive subposts. Or take it to chat. Or skype. Whichever you prefer. you're an ex-mod damn it

    also discussion end and back to posts revolving around OP.

  23. #670302013-12-07 18:28:15n1xx said:

    Indeed, it would be very preferable to remain on topic.

    All who are interested can private-message me, or even contact me on Skype about the retro chorus!

    Thank you!

  24. #670312013-12-07 18:29:40DarkChaplain said:

    I won't organize any voice work either. That's not something I feel particularly interested in, and I don't do the skype with CL people either. And I can't be arsed to organize something I have no skill in (editing, mixing etc) nor feel up to the task.
    Editing words? Sure, no problem. Giving feedback and directions? No problem. Working my way through sound files, overlaying them, denoising tracks, removing echo and balancing out shitty equipment? Hell no.

    Bitch, no. I ain't gon' sing. Getting to hear DC is a rare gift to the privileged few, and that's how it is gonna stay for the foreseeable future.

    But fuck you, pal. You are discussing the next chorus in this thread, asking for feedback and interest. So yeah, don't complain when the song choices are being discussed and questioned. I had to deal with CloudVariasKira bringing up nsfw shit in my writing projects and a lot of general nonsense, but it was still feedback I took into consideration where appropriate and may resurface in future projects of the type :V

  25. #670322013-12-07 18:44:20 *Momimochi said:

    Bitch, no. I ain't gon' sing.

    I actually sadfaced really hard irl.

    You are discussing the next chorus in this thread, asking for feedback and interest

    DC. You run writing competition... anthology, I mean. For English. Why are your comprehending skills so shit.
    "Next" chorus, specifically pertaining to the two mixes, hence the title "Star Driver Feeler Thread". As in, Star Driver being the topic of Chorus. Not anything else. I asked for feedback and interest in the chorus itself, not some other next chorus that's gonna happen later; I'm discussing this chorus in this thread. This chorus for Star Driver and only that.

    As stated in OP and title.

    EDIT: I lied. I don't even know what the hell I put in OP other than the two soundclouds and "choose".

  26. #670332013-12-07 18:53:50DarkChaplain said:

    I actually sadfaced really hard irl.


    I asked for feedback and interest in the chorus itself

    And I gave you that. Song choices are lame, no interest due to those choices. Multiple people who MAY be interested in participating in A chorus have given you feedback on why they are NOT interested in THIS chorus.

    How about you reflect on why people are not interested in your shit when they go as far as to actually TELL YOU THE REASONS?

  27. #670352013-12-07 19:17:31 *Momimochi said:

    Oh wait, sorry, I was rushing to my remadokathon can't blame me; movie's on 9th and forgot to actually put that I was completely fine with your initial two inputs. M'bad

    Until it got way off track.

  28. #670402013-12-07 20:18:34 *Fieyr said:

    I would actually love to participate some of the other chorus ideas mentioned here. In fact, I already have a cover recorded of Still Alive that I would be most happy to contribute.

    If anyone wants to put their money where their mouth is and actually create/organize another chorus thread (not holding my breath) then I would be happy to participate. Obviously, for me at least, this Star Driver chorus takes precedence until its completion over all other chorus projects.

  29. #670462013-12-08 00:18:52Rinneko said:

    Wow. Really a massive sub-post.

    I wouldn't participating in the other chorus ideas mentioned here. I agree that pronunciation of Japanese words will be tough but since this Star Driver maiden chorus has already been brought up, why not run with it? I'm sure @Momimochi and @n1xx have put in a lot of effort thinking up and organising this.

    There are pros and cons to Japanese and English songs respectively.

  30. #671362013-12-09 14:05:07n1xx said:

    Since they are short sequences, I believe it's all right for you to send them in as only one voice clip.

    It shouldn't be difficult at all for Momi to separate them, if ever she needs to.

  31. #671422013-12-09 15:44:21Kirn said:

    Alright, I listened to the clips, googled the lyrics translation, even tried singing few of those...

    No. Last time we had Psycho-Pass song. A song named "Nameless Monster". Alright? Yes. This time... No. Don't know the anime, don't like the lyrics, and the songs just don't sound right when I try them anyways.

    So, this time I'll be cheering on you from the side-lines. You have my permission to distribute my share of the girls between other guys. ))

  32. #671472013-12-09 16:46:13Kirn said:

    Gah, don't make a big deal out of it. I don't sing well anyways, and I will certainly be in the retro chorus anyhow.

  33. #672032013-12-11 20:58:53Lazu said:

    Whoops, let's pretend no one saw that last attempt of a post. Not so sure if just posting here is the right way, but here you go, auditions.

    No Monochrome though, I can't get it right AT ALL.

    Kin'iro no ARIA

    Innocent Blue

    Komorebi no Contact

    If I may say so myself, I think... Komorebi no Contact fits me best. It feels natural and not forced like the other ones...

  34. #672622013-12-13 20:05:16Momimochi said:

    Just a reminder that the auditions are due by the end of next week. The following people are those whom have yet to give me sample files:


    Also, for those who don't already have me on skype, please PM me your skype username kthxbye