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Parent: Secret CL Holiday Chorus: Project Solstice (The End is Here)

  1. #670362013-12-07 19:19:32MrTingles said:

    Day two: Woke up to the sound of the inn's manager knocking loudly on my door at 5 AM, letting me know that breakfast was ready. I sleepily followed him downstairs and got some surprisingly average tasting food. I'm busy working on some more details of the project now, but I think somebody's having a little too much angry sex in an adjacent room. Reaaaaally hard to concentrate.

    At any rate, the final planning stages are almost done, and I should be able to get back to steady working pace after digging out my headphones to drown out the noise.

  2. #670472013-12-08 00:21:00Rinneko said:

    Glad to hear that. :) I'm interested to know what the project is all about.

    That's some early breakfast though. 5AM... Goodness.