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  1. 【CL Chorus】 English RETRO Medley! (Complete!)

    #670492013-12-08 00:47:17 *n1xx said:

    Hello, dear members of the site!

    Since the topic of CL needing more English choruses seems to be very hot right now, myself and @Fieyr have taken the initiative of hosting this chorus project for you all!

    The medley will consist mainly of English retro songs that have marked continuous generations. Approximately six tracks will be chosen amongst the community's suggestions, which will then be turned into a mix for everyone to record.

    For future reference, you may find all the latest news by consulting this opening post. In the section below, all recent announcements will be available for participants to consult. Furthermore, the many reserved posts after this one, will surely serve a handy purpose for efficiency.

    (On an important note, I would like to fairly add that the recording session will only be held after the Star Driver Medley's one has ended. While both projects are quite different, we would like to guarantee a maximum participation rate in both, while not interfering with each other's schedule.)

    LATEST NEWS! (2014/03/31)

    The project is now complete!

  2. #670512013-12-08 00:48:09 *n1xx said:

    Timeline for the Project (What to Expect!)

    • Members of the community post songs that they would like to sing in this chorus, while also commenting on the other submissions that have been made. (Deadline: Friday, December 13th.)
    • If needed, the participants will be asked to vote, in order to choose between certain songs. (Deadline: Friday, December 20th.)
    • Due to vote results, project restructuring is being discussed between the participants.
    • A final song list is voted based on Idea #5. (Deadline: Sunday, January 12th.)
    • Once the songs are chosen, the mix will be made by the editor. (Approximate Duration: Two weeks.)
    • Our recording session begins after the Star Driver Medley is done with theirs. (Deadline: Friday, March 14th.)
    • The Audio-Editor works with all of the audio files and creates the official mix for the chorus. Meanwhile, the Icon-Editor retrieves all the singers' images and starts working on the design. (Approximate Duration: Two weeks.)
    • The mix and icons are finally sent to the Video-Editor who will finalize the project. (Approximate Duration: One week.)

    (Deadlines and durations may vary. They will both be updated as we progress.)

  3. #670592013-12-08 01:06:31n1xx said:

    Of course! Go right ahead and suggest more if you want to!

    We'll spend the following week exchanging ideas and preferences for songs!

  4. #670582013-12-08 01:05:53Teru said:

    Will be fun sing This is Halloween or Sweet Dreams. I still think that we should have " Still Alive " from Portal.

  5. #670602013-12-08 01:09:02 *n1xx said:

    Still Alive is a very beautiful song, I agree. However, since this medley is retro-oriented(songs before 2004), it is unfortunately too recent for us to include it in.

    However, I still believe the song is a great idea and that it should get its on chorus if it can!

  6. #670662013-12-08 01:31:24judar said:

    omg you guys should do 'evanescence - bring me to life'

    i'm not much of a singer myself though, so i won't be joining o|-<

  7. #670712013-12-08 01:45:35n1xx said:

    Thanks for your suggestion! I agree, it would be a magnificent song to sing!

    As for the singing, there will always be an open spot for you, if ever you change your mind. ^_^

  8. #670682013-12-08 01:38:53 *Momimochi said:

    Depending on the number of songs and when this happens, I may or may not help with.

    Because I am not up to downloading and hunting down karaokes of more than 5 songs.

    Especially the hunting down karaoke part.

    And school events be flooding my calender when 2014 comes around


    also, shameless advertising for BFS and Saint Seiya yeeeaaahhh

  9. #670692013-12-08 01:43:05n1xx said:

    You can let us know in due time, then! It would surely be great to have you, but if you are busy, we will understand and manage nonetheless!

    Concerning karaokes, if ever some become very difficult to find, I can help you by making them without a problem!

  10. #670702013-12-08 01:45:16 *Momimochi said:

    Oh, yeah, I can make them; I just despise the quality that it comes out as with Audacity and everything else. It just bothers me. Dunno why. lol.

    Also, edited my post. Just sayin'. lol

  11. #670722013-12-08 01:47:45n1xx said:

    Oh, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being picky about quality. It's actually a good trait for an audio editor!

    And thank you so much for your suggestion! (I can't believe I forgot about that one!! :'D)

  12. #670782013-12-08 03:58:25johan_5179 said:

    Oh Lord! I was sleeping and now this is a thing. Please put me on the list of participants :) I believe my suggestion, We are the Champions, is already in there ^_^

  13. #670972013-12-08 16:13:08n1xx said:

    Myself and @Fieyr are actually very fond of that song, too!

    Judging on how much it is generally loved by the public, I believe that it will surely be included in the mix!

  14. #670832013-12-08 06:14:48 *johan_5179 said:

    Apart from my original recommendation for 'We are the Champions', I would like to add one more song for consideration.

    Popular and well-loved even by people who might otherwise dislike Aerosmith.

    From the songs submitted I'm strongly in favour of -

    • 'I will survive' by Gloria G

    • 'Wonderwall' by Oasis

    • 'Never gonna give you up' by Rick Astley

    • 'Bring me to Life' by Evanescence (we'll butcher this one, but who cares :))

    Including a Queen song is a must, I don't care which, they're all amazing

    And CL,

  15. #670982013-12-08 16:16:36n1xx said:

    Thank you for your input and for the extra song suggestion!

    And I agree that we should have at least one Queen song included in the mix! That much I can guarantee!

    For the moment, we're waiting to see which one of their suggested songs is generally more appreciated. If needed, we'll have a vote next week!

  16. #670992013-12-08 16:20:49n1xx said:

    I think that song is pretty much set in stone for this project! We've had so many people approving the suggestion upon arrival. :D