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【CL Chorus】 English RETRO Medley! (Complete!)

  1. #719662014-03-25 06:28:00 *n1xx said:

    Editing Update!

    Hello participants and watchers of this project!

    The audio editing has reached its final stage(harmonies addition and quality checking), so we will begin working on the video very soon! The completed project is scheduled for release, this upcoming weekend. So please look forward to it!

    Furthermore, I would like to welcome @Kittycat to this project's team of editors. He has kindly volunteered to lend a hand with the background video. It's very appreciated and absolutely kind of him. ♥

    And thank you again to all who are part of this project. We wouldn't have reached this stage if it wasn't for all of you!

  2. #719722014-03-25 07:58:08Kirn said:

    I believe it is somewhat customary to know your team's actual genders. Cat isn't female, you know.

  3. #722812014-03-31 18:12:36 *n1xx said:

    Video Release!

    After a lot of reviewing and quality-checking, we are happy to present the final product of this project!

    Thank you to all who have supported this chorus, and who have worked hard for it to reach this level of completion! ♥

    Downloadable Media

    For those who have trouble viewing the project on YouTube, or who simply want a personal copy of their own, the medley is available in 720p and 480p at the following links:

    Personal Note

    I must say, it was a lot of fun to experiment with continuous icon fading, as it is an editing approach that I have not explored much in the past. I used it occasionally, like in the EgoSelfish Chorus, but never as an entirety. It was an enriching experience!

    On an interpersonal note, it was wonderful to work with all of the participants. Whether they be motivated singers, or benevolent editors, your contribution to this project will always remain engraved in it! A big thank you again to all of you!

    Also, it seems that @Fieyr has developed an obsession with @MyogiWarrior34's voice(didn't we all though?). I like where this is going.

  4. #723002014-04-01 01:37:26 *MyogiWarrior34 said:


    "@Fieyr has developed an obsession with @MyogiWarrior34's voice(didn't we all though?)"

    Oh dear... inb4 it becomes the revival of the HyzengardFC but with my name this time O_O

    [coughs coughs]

    On PRO-TIPS (for our next chorus)

    I was about to note on the karaoke-tactic-ing the audio but a) I guess you knew that already and b) it doesn't seem to apply to all the songs. AH well. XD

    And only a really slight issue on vocal balancing. Some voices were albeit too thin some were overwhelming. Maybe a few readjustments on compression and amplify to balance them out and have a more whole voice when tons of us are singing altogether at some parts. Oh, also since it's on vegas - you can make them par to where their voices peak (the preview bar) and all should have equal audibility. (just my 2 cents)

    All in all... that project turned out well. Good job everyone. :)

  5. #723022014-04-01 01:41:07 *n1xx said:

    @MyogiWarrior34: Thank you for the pro-tips! They'll definitely help significantly in the future. (I'll make sure to explore those options in Vegas to familiarize myself better with them.)

  6. #723142014-04-01 04:33:34Fieyr said:

    @MyogiWarrior34 - Remember that assassin's creed duet we did forever ago? I've been in love with your voice since then... and actually long before xD

    Great job as always man.

  7. #723032014-04-01 01:53:50Kip said:

    i haven't listened to it yet because i'm around family, but CONGRATS ON FINISHING THE CHORUS GUYS! i can't wait to listen. :)

  8. #723312014-04-01 09:21:15Kirn said:


    Quite honestly, I can only congratulate the singers. You sang, you did your part, I hope you done it in a timely manner.

    The work made here I can only call sub-standard. This project, and I already made it clear, has no regard for really appreciating retro music. No regard for genres or even basic compatibility. But even worse, I can't really approve of the work done here because what I see here is nothing but example of tardiness and laziness.
    Even the mix of the songs itself. You just took the songs from the start, every one of them. When I listened to the base mix, I was already disappointed, because you didn't even try to use imagination here and try to connect the songs in similar sounding parts. No, you just start one song, go a few verses and then start another. This is not creative.
    Then we waited even more, and now we finally have the video. And this made me actively cringe. First of all, this is, once again, example of very lazy and uninspired work. Just like with sound - you just take the corresponding music videos and plaster singers pictures on top of it. I am sorry to say this, but this is even more simple that what was done in my chorus. Much more simple.
    But that's not all. You lack the understanding that what you did was pretty much spitting on the chosen songs again. because you have the clips, and singers there open their mouths... and what I hear is CL users singing. And CL users in their absolute majority can't sing. So now I have the image of songs I know - some of which I like and enjoy - based with the voice that I can describe only as horrible. Seriously, getting ANY background images would have been better. Maybe even static images of the same videos - would have worked 5 times better than this disrespectful shame gallery you did here.

    And it took you 4 months. 115 days to do this, with deadlines being extended beyond any reason and editors doing god knows what. All to present this uninspired video. You, supposedly, you were the ones who know how to do choruses.

    I am beyond disappointed here. Oh, and this

    We wanted to build dramatic tension... or something...

    is seriously pathetic.

  9. #723322014-04-01 09:33:28n1xx said:

    We'll take your feedback into consideration, Kirn.

    We recognize that we have more to learn, so it's agreeable that we'll listen to the community's constructive input.

  10. #723332014-04-01 09:38:55Kirn said:

    Well, you didn't take it into consideration the first time, did you? I had to bash this embarrassment for three days just to make sure you have the song list that would at least not make people looking at it puke immediately.

    My feedback in its purest form is this - never again take on anything you have no knowledge or respect of on a pretense of making it for those who care about that very thing.

  11. #723492014-04-01 13:19:23Rinneko said:

    Congratulation on the completion of the chorus! As always, much applause for the valued efforts of the editors as well as singers! :) I understand that these were not easy songs to sing, considering the high reputation of most.