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【CL Chorus】 English RETRO Medley! (Complete!)

  1. #686792014-01-17 17:41:43 *n1xx said:

    Icon Ideas!

    In the meantime the mix is being made by @Momimochi, @Fieyr and I would like to start discussing icon designs with you all.

    Our personal suggestion for the design, would be to choose one that hasn't been used yet in our CL choruses, while it should also have some sort of nostalgic feel to fit with the retro idea.

    As a result, we suggest the following: Nico Nico-Style Icons

    This icon style was one of the first ones used for Nico Nico Douga medleys, and is still quite popular to this day. The design is quite simple. It involves the icon image to be inserted inside of a rectangle, which includes a section, at the bottom, for the singer's name.

    Of course, modification suggestions to this design are welcome. Such as a change to the shape, or even animation ideas.

    Furthermore, you may discuss other designs, as well. We're open to the participants' suggestions, and will be glad to read all of them!

  2. #686802014-01-17 17:51:25olivaisfire1997 said:

    The basic idea seems interesting, quite clever mixing two styles of "retro" on the chorus. Still the way that it is, I think the screen might be a little to crowded, and it could not blend well with the video(just a guess, since I don't know what kind of video you're planning).

    So I think I can only come up with another idea, which is finding an icon design that can be, sort of a reference to the time period of the songs(if such a thing is possible). And if it doesn't work, I think the starting idea is definetly a way to go, even if it might need a little work in my opinion.

  3. #686812014-01-17 18:03:38n1xx said:

    How about distributing the singers on the border of the video, instead of crowding up the center?

    We currently have thirteen confirmed singers for the chorus, which could involve placing three on the right and left borders, four at the bottom, and finally three at the top.

    Having them touch with one another could also become optional, or can simply be done in small groups, depending on their positions.

    Furthermore, the background video should involve remastered formats of the reference videos to each song, with the purpose of aiming a resolution that is close to high-definition.

  4. #695252014-02-02 04:51:27 *n1xx said:


    We apologize for the wait! After more than two weeks' time, we are back with updates concerning the mix and the icon design!

    Medley Mix

    Due to @Momimochi having been very busy, @Fieyr and I are taking the initiative of creating a draft mix, in order to accelerate the process and put less editing weight on Momi.

    This initial version of the mix will be sent to her for approval and necessary modifications. It is only then that the final version will be posted in this thread for recording purposes.

    Such editing time should be between one and two weeks, all depending on the importance of the modifications.

    Icon Design

    Firstly, I would like to thank @olivaisfire1997 and @AnimeShifter for their input on the subject. As a result of their ideas, we've come to a conclusion that meets both designs that were suggested.

    Before enumerating the technical aspects of the design, I'll refer to the following as Video #1 and Video #2:

    Video #1

    Video #2

    The previously discussed icon design will have the following characteristics:

    • A wide rectangle shape. (Like in Video #2)
    • A black space at the bottom, which indicates the singer's name. (Like in Video #1)
    • The singer's name will be written in white. (Like in Video #1)

    And so, to summarize this latest announcement, the official mix is currently in progress and all singers can now submit an image for their icon!

    In spite of this, I invite all registered and potential singers to begin sending in their icon pictures!

    Preferably, please submit an image that is of a minimum 500 x 500 pixel area.

    We thank you all for your participation, and also for your support!

  5. #701572014-02-17 08:15:13 *n1xx said:

    The Mix is Ready!

    After the long wait, we're finally ready to supply you all with a reference mix which will guide you throughout your recordings.

    Download/Listen Here!

    Furthermore, the lyrics are also available to consult. For those who prefer, there is additionally a downloadable PDF version.

    Suggested Deadline:

    Sunday, March 9th. (11:59 PM, EST.)

    Considering the length of the mix and that it is also midterm month for most of the site's members, we would like to suggest a three-week recording period.

    We ask you to verify your agendas and to let us know if ever a schedule conflict is likely to occur. You may also consult the section below which recommends time-efficient methods for recording long mixes.

    Please post your recordings in this thread, or send them by private-message to either @Fieyr or myself.

    Software and Synchronization

    The recording software that we recommend is Audacity. The audio-capture procedure is quite simple, as much for the experienced and for the beginner chorus singer. If you prefer to use another program that you are more familiar with, it is of no bother as long as recordings are sent to us in the end.

    In order to simplify audio mixing and to avoid editing delays, it is important that everyone tries their very best at recording with a tempo that fits the original mix. A perfect way to do this is by recording while listening to the track with your headphones on.

    Audio Format

    In almost every chorus project, there is unfortunately always a recurring case of wrong audio formats being sent to the editor. We have often seen cases where a non-audio format was sent by a participant, who was then impossible to reach before the deadline.

    To avoid such unfortunate situations, we please ask you to not supply us with AUP file formats. While we do prefer MP3 for its good quality/size ratio, we also accept more sophisticated files such as FLAC or even smaller ones like WAV. (AUP is an Audacity Project File. It is only accessible from your own computer, which contains your raw recording before its exportation into an audio format.)

    File Names

    Again with following the idea of making the job easier for the editor, we recommend recording in seven parts, each one representing a song featured in the mix.

    The suggested presentation is as follows:

    1. Wonderwall.mp3
    2. Dream_On.mp3
    3. I_Believe_I_Can_Fly.mp3
    4. Sweet_Dreams.mp3
    5. Pokémon_Theme.mp3
    6. We_Will_Rock_You.mp3
    7. Never_Gonna_Give_You_Up.mp3

    You may instead use the track number to name your files, instead of the songs' titles. As long as we can ideally receive them separated in seven parts included in a ZIP-formatted file.

    Many file-hosting websites can be used to link to your recordings. The following are a few examples:

    Optional Recording

    Most of the songs featured in this mix feature harmonies. However, such parts are not mentioned in our official lyrics due to them not being an obligation.

    However, whoever would like to attempt recording harmonies for this chorus, may send theirs in without a problem. Ideally and as mentioned in the section above, it would be preferable to name the harmony files according to the song they belong to.

    While recording harmonies is a fun challenge, please don't forget that the priority is to first supply the general recordings.

    Being Efficient (Suggestions)

    We have three weeks and a mix of seven songs to record. How to ideally spread out the work in this given time?

    Assuming that you have the same amount of time available during all those three weeks, it would probably be a good idea to record at a pace of 2-3 songs/week. Such scheduling will prevent unwanted surprises during procrastination, and also give you more time to focus on the recording quality.

    Of course, this is only a recommended guideline(and is personally how I plan to proceed). I recognize that our experienced chorus singers may have their own way of proceeding with such tasks, but please do not hesitate to put this method to the test if you feel that it might help you!

    Icon Images!

    This is a friendly reminder that some icon-images are still due.

    The following is a complete list of singers. Those who are not striked-out have yet to send in their pictures:

    For those whom it may concern, please supply an icon image that is preferably of a minimum 500 x 500 pixel area. Thank you in advance!

    We can do it!

    I wish lots of fun to everyone with their recordings. Personally, I can't wait to get started on mine!

    If ever you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them in this thread or to contact @Fieyr and I by PM!

  6. #705282014-02-24 20:31:52 *n1xx said:


    Hello singers! I hope your recording sessions are going well!

    This is but a simple friendly reminder about recordings being due in two weeks!

    Please do not hesitate to notify @Fieyr or myself if ever any of you foresee having schedule conflicts by March 9th! If notified before the deadline, we will make sure that all the singers get a chance to do their part.

    Thank you again for your interest in this project, and we wish you all a good continuation with your recordings! :>

  7. #706022014-02-25 22:20:26n1xx said:

    @abinit123: It isn't too late at all! You're more than welcome to join in, as there are still two weeks left before the recording deadline. :>

    To get all the files you need, and to learn more about the technical aspects of the chorus, you may consult the recent Announcement Post.

    If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to ask!

  8. #711122014-03-10 05:27:00n1xx said:


    After three weeks of recording time and much feedback from the participants, we have decided on a new deadline that fits their requests.

    Some asked for an extra day, while others preferred close to a week's supplemental time. We have decided to supply the latter, in order to encourage everyone's maximum participation!

    The deadline extension is as follows:

    Friday, March 14th (11:59, EST)

    We have chosen this date because it regroups the entirety of what has been asked as an extension. It is a great pleasure for us to supply extra time for the singers, as we know they are working their hardest to be part of this chorus. :)

    As a friendly reminder, you may find the Reference Audio and the Lyrics by consulting the two links below:

    For more information about the technical details of the chorus, such as recording software or file hosting of the sound clips, this former announcement post should be able to cover those numerous aspects.

    Icon Images!

    This week, @Fieyr will begin finalizing the icons that are to be used in the chorus video. While not entirely obligatory, it would help accelerate the editing process if all images were supplied before the extended deadline.

    The following is a complete list of our singers. Those who are not striked-out have yet to send in their desired pictures:

    For those whom it may concern, please supply an icon image that is preferably of a minimum 500 x 500 pixel area. (As we aim to use remastered versions of the songs' original videos, high-quality images for the icons are definitely preferable.)

    Mixing Draft

    In the meantime that we are to receive the remaining recordings from the singers, we will begin cleaning and synchronizing all that has already been supplied to us.

    As there is much work in those steps alone, along with creating harmonies from some of them, we guarantee that this extension will not delay the editing time that we had planned from the beginning(approximately two weeks for the audio).

    Once the extended deadline has passed, and that we have all the necessary sound clips in our possession, we will finally be ready to finalize the audio aspect of this project.

    In other words, the current deadline extension will not be diverging from its initial mixing schedule, and the final result should be delivered in acceptable time. ♥

    Special Thanks ♥

    As the chorus managers, @Fieyr and I would like to thank all of the participants who have made, and still are, making countless efforts to bring forth this project's potential. We cannot thank you all enough for your constructive support and honesty.

    We both wish you a great experience with this chorus and hope that you will all have had a fun experience out of it, as much as we surely will. :)

  9. #712642014-03-14 16:50:44 *n1xx said:

    @MyogiWarrior34: Thank you for your recordings and also for the additional supplied notes. Those will surely help a lot during the mixing. :)

    And while recording for this chorus can be both difficult and time-consuming, I strongly believe that you and @Fieyr should both be proud to have worked hard in the process. We're all here to have fun, after all. :>

  10. #712902014-03-15 02:30:23MyogiWarrior34 said:

    @n1xx To be honest, I actually had a lot of fun doing Queen and Oasis. The latter I'm quite fond and familiar with and the beat of the earlier just keeps me going despite screwing up on the sudden lower notes.

  11. #712972014-03-15 04:07:18n1xx said:

    @MyogiWarrior34: I agree that both those songs have a particular drive to them. I, myself, have had quite the fun during their recording. Most especially the latter, since it reminds me of my early years when I would run to the radio, whenever it played. >_<

  12. #712992014-03-15 04:23:50 *n1xx said:

    Mixing is in Progress!

    We are proud to announce that we are finally ready to begin the official mixing of the chorus. On behalf of @Fieyr and myself, we would like to thank each and every singer who have supplied us with their recordings, despite having been very busy. Your dedication means a lot to us. ♥

    For the singers who have not made the extended deadline, hope is not yet lost. Considering that we're planning on finalizing the mixing, by the end of next weekend, we are still accepting late submissions until no later than next Friday, the 21st of March. More than 75% of the mix should already be done by then, but we will make sure to find a spot for whoever is willing to participate.

    Overall, please expect approximately two weeks for the completion of the project. We will make sure to update you all, at each step of the way! ;>