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【CL Chorus】 English RETRO Medley! (Complete!)

  1. #673262013-12-15 22:01:23Teru said:


    • (#003) Queen - We Are the Champions

    • (#004) Queen - We Will Rock You


    • (#005) Jason Paige - Pokémon Theme


    • (#018) Aerosmith - Dream On


    • (#022) Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams

    1990's Rock/Metal

    • (#041) Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark

    • (#043) Oasis – Wonderwall

    2000's Pop

    • (#056) t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said

    2000's Punk/Rock/Metal

    • (#060) Evanescence - Bring me to Life

    • (#062) Linkin Park - In the End

  2. #673302013-12-16 05:13:45Momimochi said:

    Okay, yeah, put me down for a maybe singer and editor @n1xx. I'll probably have time. Like, 80%.

    (#003) Queen - We Are the Champions
    (#004) Queen - We Will Rock You

    (#005) Jason Paige - Pokémon Theme
    (#007) Nicole & Bynne Price – Moonlight Legend

    (#009) Little Shop of Horrors - Skid Row (Downtown)

    (#011) Frank Sinatra - Swinging on a Star

    (#021) Gloria Gayner - I Will Survive

    (#031) R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly

    (#037) Spice Girls – Wannabe

    (#038) Aqua - Barbie Girl

    (#046) Céline Dion - My Heart Will Go On

    (#049) Destiny's Child – Survivor

    (#055) N'Sync - Bye Bye Bye

    (#058) Bowling for Soup - I Ran (So Far Away)
    (#062) Linkin Park - In the End

  3. #673742013-12-17 18:46:07 *n1xx said:

    I'm really glad that you're prospecting on both singing and editing! It's great to have you amongst us. ^_^

    And thanks for your vote!

  4. #674092013-12-18 10:13:19Kirn said:

    As a part of my 'too many stickied threads' program, I must propose to unsticky this thread for a while.

    Right now we kinda have two choruses going, but in truth, here we just vote for now, and the maiden chorus is the one where people are making recording and where work will be done soon. Realistically speaking, for now this one is in a sorting out phase, and my guess is, we will start this one only after the maiden one will be done with. So, since we got too many stickied threads already, we may want to think about making this thread a normal one again, and after maiden chorus is finished, we could sticky this one back up.

  5. #674292013-12-18 20:43:21AnimeShifter said:
    Finally I got to doing this.

    #002 Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
    #005 Jason Paige - Pokémon Theme
    #008 Power Rangers Orchestra (The) - Go Go Power Rangers
    #017 ABBA - Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)
    #021 Gloria Gayner - I Will Survive
    #022 Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
    #026 Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
    #027 Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
    1990's R&B/HipHop/Rap:
    #030 Quad City DJ's - Space Jam
    #031 R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly
    1990's General Pop Band:
    #038 Aqua - Barbie Girl
    1990's Solo:
    #047 Ricky Martin - Livin La Vida Loca
    #044 Andrea Bocelli - Time to Say Goodbye
    2000's R&B/HipHop/Rap:
    #051 Eminem - The Real Slim Shady
    2000's Pop:
    #056 t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said
    #055 N'Sync - Bye Bye Bye
    2000's Punk/Rock/Metal:
    #060 Evanescence - Bring me to Life
    #059 Disturbed – Forsaken
    #057 Billy Talent - Try Honesty
  6. #674402013-12-19 03:09:33 *MyogiWarrior34 said:

    Oh my... so many songs. Such selection, very variety, wow.

    Anywho, here are my choices:

    (#002) Bohemian Rhapsody

    (#004) We Will Rock You

    Animation Television (#006) Team Rocket's Song

    1960's (#016) Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence

    1970's (#018) Aerosmith - Dream on

    (Hearing I will Survive too many times in every single family party I've been to; I've grown sick of it; no offense to Gloria Gayner fans or those who like the song)

    1980's (#026) Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give you Up

    (#023) Madonna - Like a Prayer

    1990's (#030) Quad City's DJ's - Space Jam

    (#031) R Kelly - I believe I can Fly

    1990's Rock/Metal (#043) Oasis - Wonder Wall

    (#042) No Doubt - Don't Speak

    2000's Pop (#053) Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a River

    2000's Punk/Rock/Metal (#062) Linkin park - In the End

    For a couple of the songs, I might have to listen and study them; particularly the oldies but the rest, I just need a refresher.

  7. #674982013-12-20 11:40:13 *n1xx said:

    Tiny Reminder

    As there are less than twenty-four hours left before the deadline, I'd like to send a friendly reminder to a few individuals who have yet to post their song votes in this thread:

    To learn more about the voting rules, you may read this detailed announcement post. If you are already familiar with the procedure, you may directly skip to this list.

    I thank you all for your future input! And a huge thanks to those who have already voted, as well!

    Editing Update

    I would also like to announce that the editor list has been recently updated.

    As a result, I welcome @Fieyr to CL's group of chorus editors! He will be assisting me with icon editing, additionally to the management support that he is already giving to this project.

    Of course, a huge thanks is also obliged to @Momimochi for wanting to help out with the audio mixing!

    As for myself, I will also be in charge of finalizing the video! And if needed, I will assist Momi in the mixing if ever she eventually becomes too busy.

    We'll work our hardest to deliver a high-quality result, as we usually do. <3

  8. #674992013-12-20 12:57:41 *Cloud-VK said:


              •(#003) Queen - We Are the Champions
              •(#004) Queen - We Will Rock You


           •(#005) Jason Paige - Pokémon Theme


                 •(#011) Frank Sinatra - Swinging on a Star
                 •(#014) Simon and Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson


            •(#018) Aerosmith - Dream On
           •(#019) Band (The) - Life is a Carnival


             •(#025) Pixies – Hey
           •(#026) Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
            •(#027) Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

    1990's Boy Band

              •(#033) 5ive - If Ya Gettin' Down

    1990's Girl Band

               •(#035) B *Witched - C'est la Vie
               •(#037) Spice Girls – Wannabe

    1990's General Pop Band

                  •(#038) Aqua - Barbie Girl
                  •(#039) Aqua - Roses Are Red

    1990's Rock/Metal

                   •(#041) Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark
                   •(#043) Oasis – Wonderwall

    1990's Solo

            •(#045) Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time

    2000's R&B/HipHop/Rap

                        •(#048) Aaliyah - Try Again
                 •(#050) Eminem - Lose Yourself (8 Mile)
                 •(#052) Mya - Case of the Ex

    2000's Pop

                  •(#054) Lillix - What I Like About You
                  •(#055) N'Sync - Bye Bye Bye

    2000's Punk/Rock/Metal

                     •(#059) Disturbed – Forsaken
                     •(#061) Jay Gordon - Slept So Long
                     •(#062) Linkin Park - In the End
  9. #675152013-12-20 19:56:42Kirn said:

    Just now looked at the more resent songs list more closely... Had almost a horror feeling. God, I sure hope, if 056 would actually be picked, it will be left in some separate chorus far from any good songs, so I won't even have to stay anywhere close to that horrible thing.

  10. #675302013-12-21 11:36:17 *n1xx said:

    The Results!

    Hello, dear participants!

    After long hours of compiling the voting data and discussing the selection, @Fieyr and I present you the final list of songs that will be featured:

    View it here!

    As promised, no voted category was excluded from the selection procedure. Since there have been votes in every group, we had no choice but to fairly pick out the most voted song in every section. When added to the first two songs that were confirmed before the votes began, we are now at a total of seventeen songs!

    Aside from compiling the votes, Fieyr and myself have also prepared a detailed guide for @Momimochi to follow during her audio editing. This guide features a suggested song order, along with song sequences that we believe are best fitted for the mix. If not many modifications are made to it in the future, we estimate that the duration of the medley will be of approximately sixteen minutes and a half!

    We thank you all for your many suggestions and for taking sufficient time to vote. The official mix should be ready in about a week or two, which will be between December 27th and January 3rd! Thanks for your patience!

    Furthermore, let's all wish Momi the best of luck with her work! <3

    Icon Design

    While the official mix is being prepared, we can take this additional time to discuss what kind of icon shapes/movements to feature in the video.

    Once the design has been established, Fieyr and I can begin working on the icon-editing. That way, the icons will ready by the time the mixing gets finalized, and we'll get a result much sooner than intended!

    We are awaiting your suggestions!

  11. #675372013-12-21 15:36:42Kirn said:

    Well, as I just stated in a previous message, I have a very important request to make. Do, do, do try and put that Tatu horror fucking shit away from the good stuff. There's enough songs for 3-4 choruses out there, so it's doable.
    And yeah, by 'good stuff' I mean those I actively want to sing here, which are This is Halloween, Swinging on a Star, Wonderwall, We Are the Champions and Eye of the Tiger.
    Btw, what is the actual plan? Is it going to be few choruses, or something like MEP mix or whatever those are called, with all the songs mashed together?

  12. #675442013-12-21 23:01:17 *n1xx said:


    To answer your question, the plan is to have only one audio track which features all chosen songs. So yes, you can consider it as a mix with all of the songs mashed together.

    Even though a lot of the tracks differ in genre, I and @Fieyr have elaborated a strategy to make these songs fit well together. By considering both BPM(beats per minute) and music types, we have set-up a structure that should create a smooth transition between all of the songs. Of course, this was thought through to also consider consecutive lyrics that made sense with each other.

    Concerning your disliking of the t.A.T.u. song, you are free to not record that sequence. We are fully aware that, even though these songs were the majority, they still might not please everyone. However, please keep in mind that the more a singer records, the higher the chances of him being featured!


    I respect your decision. If ever you change your mind during the following weeks though, there's always an open spot available for you!

  13. #676022013-12-23 07:57:19n1xx said:


    We apologize for the technical difficulties, and the project is now fully back in order.

    We, @Fieyr and I, would like to discuss the current state of the project with the registered participants of this event. We wish to hear your constructive feedback on the approach we have taken. Whether you are satisfied or not with the results, we ask for suggestions on how to better our initiative of offering CL a fun, English chorus that is enjoyable for all participants to partake in.

    So far, the three recurring ideas that we have received are the following:

    • Keeping the voted song selection and creating a mix with all of them.
    • Keeping the voted song selection, but creating separate medleys, according to category type.
    • Resetting the song suggestions and the votes. Letting each one of the fifteen participants choose one song of their personal choice that is to appear in the medley.

    Whether your suggestions are, or not, related to the ideas above, we please ask you to elaborate thoroughly on the ideas you may suggest.

    Our objective is for the participating community to be satisfied with what this project potentially turns out to be. Your voices, thoughts, are very important for us to know if you are happy with our process.

    Furthermore, and as a result of quality control, permission has been granted to me to remove all nonconstructive posts, as well as their follow-ups, from this thread.

    We please ask you to remain civil, constructive, and respectful, towards all of your fellow companions in this community. Please also remain on topic, as personal affairs can be easily discussed via private-message or any other messaging service.

    We thank you all for your future input, as well as for your collaboration and support for this project.

  14. #676042013-12-23 08:16:39johan_5179 said:

    OK, whew. First of all, thank you @n1xx . I will not lie, I knew that this post was coming, and that wan the only reason I did not rant on the thread earlier, appalled as I am by the prospect of Freddie Mercury being the opening act for Victoria Beckham. Even typing that hurts.

    I have just one suggestion, nuke the list and count the votes. Kindly let go of the idea of compulsorily adding songs from ALL categories. I don't think there's more than one or two people who even voted for all the categories, and that gives the vote of those one or two individuals that much more power over a lot of people who might have voted for a song they really really wanted to sing.

    In a post which was nuked by you I think it was @AnimeShifter (sorry if it wasn't you) who said that in categories they didn't care for they just voted for the song that sucked less. I presume the others did the same, and that means that their half-hearted 2-3 votes kicked out something like Bohemian Rhapsody with 7 votes or The Sound of Silence with 5 votes. I assure you, almost everyone who voted for Rhapsody is absolutely in love with that song. And that is what the chorus needs. Hot rabu that bubbles over. (This was a distant 4th reason I had for not ranting on the thread.)

    I understand that you wanted to create a mix, and that means you wanted to mix in different artists and styles and genres. But I think the chorus should be about what people want to sing. If a song on the list still makes it, by all means add it. But then you would have the justification that a lot of serious votes went in, and not just, 'this-sucks-least' votes.

  15. #676052013-12-23 08:34:38 *Momimochi said:

    in categories they didn't care for they just voted for the song that sucked less. I presume the others did the same, and that means that their half-hearted 2-3 votes kicked out something like Bohemian Rhapsody with 7 votes or The Sound of Silence with 5 votes. I assure you, almost everyone who voted for Rhapsody is absolutely in love with that song. And that is what the chorus needs. Hot rabu that bubbles over. (This was a distant 4th reason I had for not ranting on the thread.)

    Don't assume because it makes an ass out of you. Seriously. I will quit on the spot if we're doing anything pure Queen. Because it will ruin the song and make everyone hate the song. And we will suck Satan's shit at the same time doing it. And I fucking love my Queen. Yes. You read that right. I wouldn't want to sing Queen even though I love them. Because I respect their songs enough to not fuck it up completely with a double-edged sword straight up the anal whilst twisting it around, completely mutilating the prostate. No, I wouldn't do that. Ever. And that is not what the chorus needs. That's what people probably want. What the chorus needs are songs that majority of the people can actually pull off without fucking up. Queen not being a choice in that. Because it's Queen. Please don't confuse need and want.

    On the topic of the post:

    Resetting the song suggestions and the votes. Letting each one of the fifteen participants choose one song of their personal choice that is to appear in the medley.


  16. #676552013-12-24 23:08:24Taro_Tanako said:

    @n1xx apologies for not replying..i just completely missed that you wanted my feedback on this but..

    I am totally supportive of what's going on here and excited. The reason i haven't voted for anything is that i'd pretty much be happy to try anything on the list really. It sounds like a lot of fun. Also, a massive thank you for putting in the effort.

  17. #676062013-12-23 09:18:50AnimeShifter said:

    First of all, the dude above misunderstood me but I'll let it be.

    And now my suggestion. I'd go for each one of the participants choosing their one favourite song that they actually like, know and are capable of singing. Honestly, I didn't take those "omfg awesome Queen" songs because my voice is NOT CAPABLE OF SINGING IT. Just imagine a medley full of songs and cracking voices on top of them. Aah, nay, son, ain't going for that.

    a.k.a. what Momi said.

    That's it from my side.

  18. #676352013-12-24 00:52:55Teru said:

    I decided to not participate in the chorus anymore. This thing is going in another way that I expected. I agree with what Kirn said earlier, without the " fuck you " part. This is all I have to say, nothing more or less, just don't like anymore.

  19. #676362013-12-24 01:15:08 *Fieyr said:

    @Teru - We're sorry to hear that. If you were envisioning something specific, we'd love to hear your thoughts just to throw your ideas out there for everyone else to debate and perhaps even do something you would enjoy. I want to emphasize that we are open to all ideas. But if not, thank you for your initial interest and taking the time to to let us know.

  20. #676482013-12-24 15:24:51Shirosuke said:

    I would suggest a re-vote rather than a resetting of the list. There's still time for this chorus as the Star Driver Medley is still underway, so perhaps narrowing it down to a medley of 6 songs or so would be a good idea. Taking into consideration that those who are actually going to join in singing the medley should be allowed to vote only.

    So people should vote for their top 3 choices, but also bearing in mind voting for what you are able to sing and not only what you love to listen to, because I am not sure if you want to plague the poor mixer with high-pitched shrieks of horror...

    All in all, if I get to sing the Pokemon opening theme, I will gladly record for any other songs that are chosen. Even Spice Girls. It's for fun, do it for fun dammit.

    I'm not entirely with the multiple medley idea, although I am up for joining an anime-related medley, one pop medley, and one 'classics' medley in the future if it is decided. It's just that I thought this project was aimed to be as varied and weird as possible to let everyone a chance to join! Probably means a lot more work for Mixer to have separate tracks too, I dunno.

  21. #676562013-12-24 23:12:00Momimochi said:

    Concerning the choice of songs, Queen for example is great music, but quasi impossible to sing for amateurs. I think one of the main criteria of the song choice should be difficulty.

    Even Gar affirms what I said somewhere on the last page. I just really want to kinda put this in big bold letters and hang this everywhere on every chorus project.

  22. #676612013-12-25 07:12:45johan_5179 said:

    My point was not that 'We should do more Queen'. My point was that we should opt for songs with a larger no. of votes rather than deliberately adding songs which were not that popular to begin with just for the sake of variety. Example -

    Evanescence had 4 votes, ABBA had 4 votes, Gloria G had 4 votes, Rick Astley had 4 votes, and so did tatu, yet tatu is in while Astley/Gloria/ABBA/Evanescence are not. Instead of telling people that you have multiple songs with the same votes and giving them an opportunity to choose, you went with the logic that since tatu is in a different category it must be added, and ABBA's/Evanescence's/Astley's/Gloria's category already has an entry so it must be excluded.

    Same is the case with Wannabe, Scarborough Fair and some others on 3 votes.

    (Wait, if there were so many songs with 4 votes already on the list, why in hell was a song with 3 votes even considered? CATEGORIES!)

    The selection was arbitrary despite the voting because of the imposition of categories. I will say it again. Nuke the list, count the votes again, make people choose in case of draws. If you're going to let people choose, let them go all the way. Its not like we don't have the time for this, we have already decided that this will be done after the Star Driver medley.

    Or you can do what Gar suggested. The organizers choose the song and then invite people to either come in or not. That method does have the advantage of familiarity.

    P.S. I did use Bohemian Rhapsody as an example, but that does not mean you just go ahead, ignore the point of the post completely, make a colorfully abusive post and ramble on about how Queen is impossible. I get that Queen is difficult, but that was NOT the point of the post. The point was how highly voted songs were arbitrarily discarded because of the need to include songs from different categories.

  23. #677102013-12-26 20:35:45Momimochi said:

    You're not getting my point. You can have great memory, know the lyrics, sing the melody. Doesn't mean you don't sound like you're being raped up the ass by a horse.

  24. #677112013-12-26 20:45:38deng said:

    It doesn't need to be good, tho. You're not trying to be Freddy, you're trying to sound like you're getting raped up in the ass by a horse, and you like it. You're having fun. And 20 people mildly sucking, put together actually sound good. :3 That's how I feel, anyway. I do understand your point, tho.

  25. #677182013-12-26 22:37:01Momimochi said:

    If you're going to sacrifice quality, you might as well as not do it. Everything needs quality to succeed. Fun is only the given bonus that comes with. This is a life lesson.

  26. #678192013-12-30 22:05:26 *n1xx said:

    Feedback Update

    After approximately a week of gathering feedback on the current state of things, @Fieyr and I have decided to offer an overview of all the ideas that have been suggested, as well as what we recommend to do from now on.

    Thank you very much to everyone for sharing their thoughts. We see great potential in each of the following organization alternatives.

    This user suggests recounting the initial votes and not paying attention to categories. As a result of this suggestion, the numbers have been recompiled and the following songs were obtained:

    Please note that only the votes of current participants have been counted and compiled. Furthermore, the above list features all songs that have obtained between four and six votes, inclusively.

    Both Momi and Shifter agree with the idea of resetting the current list of songs and letting all participants choose one of their choice which will be featured in the medley.

    While participants can choose one song of their choice, it is important that their choice can be sung by a maximum number of people. In other words, they encourage participants to be considerate of the difficulty-level of songs that could be featured in this chorus.

    Shiro suggests to hold a vote by using the current list of songs.

    Every current participant could vote for their top three favorite songs, resulting in a medley of six songs.

    In case of a possible vote, and as @AnimeShifter and @Momimochi suggest, Shiro also encourages participants to be considerate of what the majority is capable of singing.

    Gar believes that resetting the project from scratch and announcing a definitive and final plan will help give more clarity to the chorus.

    Furthermore, such a plan guarantees autonomy, both for the project and for the ones organizing it.

    As a result of all of the ideas suggested above, Fieyr and I held a meeting and discussed of a way to balance all of the suggestions.

    The following is not our final plan, as we wish for feedback on this idea. But it was our best try at making all ideas meet.

    We wish to offer a medley of six songs which features some of which have been voted for the most. We recommend using two songs that have been voted six, five and four times. Resulting in a total of six.

    The list will have the following structure:

    • Aerosmith - Dream On (6 Votes)
    • Oasis - Wonderwall (6 Votes)
    • Two Songs Voted Five Times.
    • Two Songs Voted Four Times.

    For the complete list of potential songs to appear in such a structure, please refer to Idea #1.

    Of course, we guarantee that if such a plan were to go underway, votes will be held to define the four remaining songs.

    To Conclude

    Finally and to conclude this announcement, we would like to read your thoughts on the above ideas.

    Our questions to you can be summarized as the following:

    • Do any of these ideas interest you?
    • Do you reject any of these ideas?
    • Would you participate if Idea #5 was applied? If not, what modifications would you bring to it?
    • Should we instead hold a poll, featuring all five ideas, to make a final decision?

    We thank you all for your future input. Your opinions have helped us immensely in understanding what the community would like to see featured in such a chorus theme.

    And last, but definitely not least, both Fieyr and I would love to thank @Taro_Tanako for supporting this project, as a whole. ♥