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  1. Screenshots 2

    #678462013-12-31 22:23:42 *--Jack-- said:

    Due to the other screenshot thread's untimely and unwarranted death heres:

    Screenshots 2: The Screen-cappening

    You all know how this works. Post screenshots of chat, Skype and other screenshots worth showing.

    FAQ: "W- What happened to the screenshot thread!!??!?"

    Kosuke quit CL so, since we can't delete accounts, she requested to have all her posts deleted.

    -- @Kip

  2. #678642014-01-01 00:32:56 *Kip said:

    but we already mocked in the chat.

    it's too late now. the damage has been done. besides she's not even on CL anymore who cares. she quit.

  3. #685552014-01-14 20:15:09 *DarkChaplain said:

    Alright, have some classics:

    Oh @Chou...


    Oh Volkie...

    And last but not least, Spooky - who is STILL here, almost TWO YEARS since saying this:

  4. #685932014-01-15 02:38:23 *Kittycat said:

    due to new information, we will be sending out pings to all those who have had their names spelt incorrectly: @ZachA97
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.