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Screenshots 2

  1. #690582014-01-25 04:17:14Jacek said:

    Yes, I guess this should have an explanation. I went into chat once back in 2011 and found this newfag and just decided on a whim to make them believe the most outrageous things I could, at the time, think of. There was a series of these but they're long gone now. It lasted a couple days.

  2. #699312014-02-11 05:18:04 *Mau said:
    I believe context for this post is necessary, because without it Spookee's post comes off as quite reasonable and even agreeable.
    Everyone does have their own lifestyle choices, and making fun of them solely because of them is ignorant, unless their lifestyle choices are horrible and illegal, and/or just plain stupid.

    Really, if the context behind this makes him out to be a hypocrite for saying this then yeah it is pretty funny, without it the funniness about it has kinda gone over my head.
  3. #700182014-02-13 20:14:14NidTheBard said:

    He's such a hypocrite @Maudia

    Not to start anything up, but the first time I met him he was telling others that their views were wrong because it's their experiences not actual fact, but then says His view is right, since he has looked up and studied "Scientific Fact".

    All he does is dance around in chat violently, not caring who's toes he stomps on, then starts blaming them for having toes to be stomped, and doesn't give them a chance to even say anything reasonable. Sorry if I felt he was acting like a dictator who deserved to get knocked off his high horse, which is actually a crippled and mentally challenged donkey.