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Screenshots 2

  1. #700172014-02-13 20:03:46NidTheBard said:

    That was one of the best Chat experiences I've had on here.

    Ahh... Almost being sacrificed two or three times... Good Memories.

  2. #700192014-02-13 20:40:41DarkChaplain said:

    Ladies ang Gentlemen, in February 2013 Spooky gave us a very quotable and hilarious quote:

    Now, a year later, we may have an explanation at hand:

    I hereby ask for a minute of silence, so that we may show our solidarity to the eternally ranting purple asian who just won't leave CL alone. We feel your pain, Spooks. It is alright to be sad or angry about it.

    Also this gem:

  3. #703312014-02-21 03:50:58Rune said:

    So yesterday, DC said to me...

    And today...


    Note: For those of you who didn't know, DC=Pariah XD

  4. #705602014-02-25 04:18:51DarkChaplain said:

    Thing is, when I use an alt its for one reason or another. I'm not hopping back and forth between almost half a dozen different accounts, samefag on chat or hide because people might not like me anymore after trying to fuck them over.