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Screenshots 2

  1. #1105812017-05-16 18:15:26DarkChaplain said:

    @Sheep told me to look through my archives for some nuggets. I came across a few.

    So who remembers OldCL? The days of having advertisers paying towards server costs? @MommyChaplain 'members.

    We also had @Magikarp once upon a time

    Did you know one of our ex-admins declared himself to be a "chocolate slut"?

    Oh, and this happened too at some point. I still can't believe he got away with it for as long as he did :'D

    We had a bot once. it was heavily abused by everybody before it went dead.

    And @Hitler-kun once tried to give CL folks German lessons. It wasn't appreciated, though.

  2. #1105862017-05-17 13:34:40Deftones said:

    Magikarp was meeeeee, Ban and kicking and all mod functions were down. So I abused chat with splash for like 4 hours? I had a lot of time on my hands back then.

  3. #1109282017-05-31 10:22:09DarkChaplain said:

    Listen, @--Jack-- pun-shamed me last night and so I had to make it real. I actually think it looks more interesting than the default, truth be told. The image is replaceable in the style, of course. You can make them candy shit or sth.

  4. #1113472017-07-03 04:56:33chalice said:

    Every time I look at this, I cringe at my twelve year old self. I clearly don't know the difference between right and write, there and their. My English skills were shit. I was such a fucking bitch to that person and I'm not even adopted.

    Also what kind of username is Emo-girl256? What the fuck.