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Parent: [Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #679082014-01-02 18:05:43Kip said:

    Dear ST,

    I'm so glad you finally decided to get the hell out of J's life. You are a crazy, obsessive bitch who doesn't know how to let things go. 12 years later and you still think that J might be interested in you despite the fact that he has a fiance`, a baby, and is getting ready to buy a fucking house. Are you really this stupid? By the way, pretending that you are going to start cutting yourself or threatening that you will is not how friends operate. Which is what you were. A FRIEND. you dated J when you were like 13, get the fuck over yourself all ready you sad, sad excuse of a human being. He's 26 now. HE HAS A LIFE. AND IT DOES NOT INVOLVE YOU IN IT.

    You should have realized that when he fucking dropped your friendship like a sack of bricks the moment D came into his life and he was absolutely infatuated with her. Your problems no longer became his problems. In fact, they shouldn't have been his problems in the first place, you manipulative whore. By the way, while you were claiming that he was supposed to be "yours", weren't you also sending nude photos to SE, when you knew that E had a crush on him, EVEN THOUGH YOU HAD A BOYFRIEND? You make me sick. The THOUGHT of you makes me want to vomit in disgust.

    I am so glad you are not in any of our lives anymore. I'm glad you told J that he was a shitty friend and that he didn't care about you anymore, while he had more important things to be worrying about like his work, his daughter, and his girlfriend. I'm glad he took it offensively and told you to get the fuck out of his life. I'm glad that the moment he did it, you removed all of us from your Skype, Facebook, and anywhere else. We don't need you around. You are a toxic person, and you need to get your shit together. I'm glad that you were never able to wrap your grubby little hands around J and were not able to control him like you tried to control everyone else. I'm glad that you were terrified to talk to me because you knew I wouldn't take your shit either. I'm glad you knew that I was J's best friend, not you, and got even more upset over that fact. I'm glad that you and I never got along.

    I'm glad you never tried to have an actual conversation with me because I would have fucking floored you for being such an ignorant cunt to J. I am HAPPY that everybody else knew about my disliking for you as well.

    Stay out. Don't bother coming back. Don't ever message J again, or else you'll have to answer to me this time.

    You suck. You are the worst human being I've ever had the displeasure of knowing.

    Sincerely, the bitch who's going to curb stomp you if you ever show your face around us again.