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  1. Spike Jonze's Her

    #680602014-01-07 02:55:55 *Rune said:

    See that face above? That's basically what you see 90% of the movie.


    Yet, Spike Jonze's Her is one of the best movies I've watched in forever!

    Also, 10% of the movie is just scenic shots of Los Angeles.

    Who is Her?

    Her is Samantha, an Operating System (OS) with her own Artificial Intelligence. Samantha was installed on Theodore Twombly's computer after he saw an ad about OS1, the first OS with a real Artificial Intelligence.

    Even as she had just been installed, the conversation between Theo and Samantha already felt like a real conversation and not as if he was talking to his computer. From then on, their relationship would begin to blossom and soon, it grew to an extent that transcends humanity.

    My first impression of the movie, to be honest, wasn't really that high when I first saw the trailer. "So a guy falls in love with his Siri," I thought and I was like, "meh". Then, I saw the Rotten Tomatoes' Score and then I decided to check out this movie right away.

    So, it's your usual A.I. Love Story, right? Well, it's sort of yes, but also a no. Yes, because it does question about how the relationship would work out between them. But no, because it also tells the story about what it means to be an AI.

    Oh and yes, Samantha is actually sentient. Although she was installed in a computer first, she could pretty much travel to any devices that is connected to the Internet. This becomes an important plot point later on but I won't spoil it for you.

    The movie itself though, just as I've said in the beginning, is pretty much Joaquin Phoenix's close-up face. No, really, that's what you see like, all the time! If you closed your eyes or blind, you'd still get the movie just from hearing it!

    Tommy Edison would LOVE this movie.

    This movie is pretty much the pinnacle of awesome writing! I mean sure, there's the technology and all that but what really makes it is the interaction between the characters. Joaquin Phoenix is really great in conveying emotions that even though you stare at his face all the time, YOU WILL CRY!


    All in all, Her is a very touching movie and everyone should watch it when it's out everywhere on January 10th. It's definitely an Oscar-worthy movie but the best thing about it is just how real it felt. Also, Joaquin Phoenix's mustache is so suave. ^^

    Watch this better review of the movie

  2. #681212014-01-08 09:51:50 *Kirn said:

    See that face above? That's basically what you see 90% of the movie.

    Well, I am not turned on by that guy's face, so no.

  3. #760892014-05-18 13:53:52Kirn said:

    So. I remember we had this thread.

    Finally watched this movie. So...

    I actually liked it in the beginning. Plus I have to mention the decent actor work. Samantha, who is just a voice, plays her part well. And I never really could imagine that this pompous ass

    could turn himself into a pathetic waste of life we are seeing here in this film.

    However, what I couldn't get myself to agree with, is the whole story and, as you may call it, the moral message of this thing.
    During the movie, we are following the changes of Theodore and Samantha. And I really can't agree that what we see is good, like we are probably supposed to feel in the end.
    Now, without spoilering, what eventually happened with Samantha is not something that surprised me. I guess, that's just me being expecting such an outcome from the middle of the film. So it was understandable, but din't move me in the slightest.
    But the ending for Theodore I can't really understand. Because in the end I really don't feel like, when you sum it all up, what he received was a positive experience. And yet, he is shown being better now.

    So yeah, The film is well-made, but I feel like there are too many... I hate this word... feels in it, which aren't justified in the slightest.

    I liked the dead cat episode though.