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  1. Your Top Best & Worst Games 2013!

    #682082014-01-10 15:41:19 *DarkChaplain said:

    Alright guys, its 10 days into 2014, so let's talk about our favorite games of 2014.

    What have you played, what have you enjoyed most? Share your favorites (and most hated) of 2013!
    List and discuss your top games, and elaborate on them!

    Note: The game must have been released in 2013.

    • However, english releases of games that have been released in japan before 2013 are valid, as long as the english version was officially released in 2013. Take Tales of Xillia for example.
    • Additionally, a port for a new platform / an updated version of a game may count (i.e. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut on PC, consoles and Wii U counts, despite the original release date being a few years back, since content was added and modified)
    • Expansion Packs count, which also includes substantial DLC packs (not minor bs).

    Please also point out the platform on which you played the game, and explain WHY your picks are the top choices for 2013!

    Now start discussing~

  2. #682112014-01-10 16:30:50 *Ecstasy said:

    There are many games to talk about.

    The Last of Us
    Grand Theft Auto V
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    Bioshock Infinite
    Metro: Last Light
    Tomb Raider
    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
    The Stanley Parable
    Pokémon X and Y (?)
    Saints Row IV
    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (?)
    AND OF COURSE third-person co-op shooter SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge BY GODDAMN ACTIVISION


    I didn't play many of them but most of them I'd at least consider just because they sound big.
    Personally and from what I actually played: Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita (we have a thread about it). I loved the game deeply because of the concept and the way of storytelling.

  3. #682122014-01-10 16:40:33 *DarkChaplain said:

    Tomb Raider was an ace title, in my opinion. I went in with very low expectations due to all the pre-launch drama about vulnerable Lara, and was pleasantly surprised by a rock-solid game (if not a Tomb Raider title as they've been for ages).
    Took me roughly 20 hours to complete it to 100% on my first playthrough, and I enjoyed it a whole lot.
    I even wrote a short Steam review about it

    I consider Bioshock: Infinite a big stinker. Its twist was good, but everything around it was poorly handled. The gameplay was dreadfully bogstandard and completely dumbed down. The world was pretty, but interaction with it was so scarce, it felt like The Stanley Parable with shooting alleys. Mediocre, samey shooting at that!
    The plot also falls apart veeeery quickly upon closer consideration and figuring out the timelines of when what happened. It tried to use big buzzwords like racism and religious fanaticism, and then rather than making a game ABOUT those, used their simple existence in the world to justify its dreadful and needlessly gamey shooting mechanics and lack of any meaningful interaction.

    I'll put out Guacamelee! as one of the best games of 2013, though. That game is so incredibly pleasant and engaging, I've started a Hard playthrough right after finishing it once at 95% or so percent, and am working my way through the new playthrough to max out the achievements and percentages of regions.

    It is a platforming brawler action game with a LOT of humor, and you play a Luchador. A luchador who later also gets turned into a chicken. I kid you not. The way the mechanics and powers work in this game, to enhance the platforming and provide really tricky challenges to keep you interested even after you finish the story make this a top-title.
    (also a huge THANK YOU to @Kip for gifting me the game <3)

  4. #682132014-01-10 16:47:45 *Lieutenant said:
    I can't say I'm a gamer but I've played Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and it was amazing, somewhat different from their previous games but still keeps the elements of the Assassin Creed series, like the gameplay and such. oh and I played it on PC because I don't have other consoles.

    I'll just keep this short.

    The hero this time was Edward Kenway, a father to Haytham Kenway and a grandfather to Connor (both are from AC3). This game really ventures more deep on what's under the ocean and you travel far across the maps with ships, not just on lands like they used to be :) They focused so much on the landscape on this game this time that it really catches your eye like whenever you take your time for the synchronization and all.

    It also focused much on upgrading ships this time, since it's on the pirate Era, with the well-known pirate characters from the history. All in all you'll see how different this game is and at the same time still enjoy it with the plots and stories, just like how they managed it since the first series.

    I haven't been playing many games, but I've also seen Beyond: Two souls and The Walking Dead season 2, which I really hope I can play it someday
  5. #682172014-01-10 17:09:57 *Kirn said:

    Well, let's see... as always, I played a lot last year. And some of the games I played were pretty damn good. Plus, gradually I am playing more and more indie games, and those sometimes are extremely good.

    I'd say, Stanley Parable, Rogue Legacy, Dust: Elysian Tale, Arkham Origin, Remember Me, Papers Please - all great, solid games, which I enjoyed greatly. However, after some consideration, I will pick two games which were the greatest for me. Forgot to add - I am PC gamer.

    Bioshock Infinite


    Yes, this is pretty much obvious. The game gives us the FPS gameplay with usual Bioshock elements. But the main thing is that the game pretty much just grabs you and never lets go until you are done. I mean, we all know what we thought about when we heard 'Bioshock', right? Underwater, creepy sisters, pretty depressing atmosphere... But in this game, the flying city feels like some sort of fucking magical place, that just jumps at you. Bright, colorful, cheery, with songs and happiness and I have no fucking idea what else. You are baptized from everything you remembered about the franchise and filled anew. Yes, that was an obvious reference there. Anyways, I spent a lot of time on peaceful levels, just walking around looking at stuff.

    Oh, and then the setting gradually gets darker and heavier starting from racism and finishing with parallel worlds, time travel and existence - or lack - of choice. And if you red best speculations about what the ending means, you know that... well, no, fuck it, too many spoilers that would be, and those of you who know - yes, you know. It's heavy, it's gripping, it's still colorful even at the bottom of depression!

    And, of course, we had great characters there. Good villain, naturally, but mainly I am very obviously talking about Elizabeth and Lutece twins. Elizabeth is... well, for the lack of better description, she feels alive. At first she gives that 'Little Mermaid' feel, when you look at her being locked in that tower/prison. And do you remember her dancing, when she finally got out? Even a cold bastard like me felt happy for her. But then she develops other sides of her character, she faces the reality of her world, and she faces the reality of all the worlds and... Well, you really care about that character, which makes the final parts of the game all the more heavy.

    And, naturally, Lutece twins who are like a personalised Schrödinger's cat experiment. Imagine if the concept of the multiverse came alive to poke fun just at you personally. Yep, that's exactly what we have here. And they are great and you just have to like them. And I never really figured them out - do they really want to repent and help, or was it just another experiment to see it the coin toss would finally get different result?

    I think the main problem for this game is that, while you get constant talks about a choice, you, as a player, got none. The game is extremely linear, with no replay value. Also all the time-travel and parallel universe stuff an feel quite used these days. Still, it is a grand setting, so I give this game personal second place.


    So, that's one game, and it is a second place on my list. Another game that not only suddenly got me, but became this year favorite was...

    Tomb Raider


    You know what? I was never a fan of Lara Croft. Never. Never felt the appeal, never was a fan of those games, oh and the movies, like oh so many 'game movies' were bad. So, I almost let this game go. I mean, meh, another Tomb Raider game? Not really interested... But then I tried it out, and holy fucking hell, I am converted now.

    Now, the gameplay is solid enough. You have the action elements, which are a must for a game like that these days, you got a sort of achievement system with searching for stuff, which is okay and not bothersome like many such systems can be, you have a sort of rpg system, which I feel was added just for the heck of it. But again, it didn't take anything away from the game, so I didn't really care. The very core of it was pretty old-school shoot-em-up gameplay. I mean, yes, this girl kills a LOT of people along the way, but hell, that's exactly what we are supposed to get. Fast shooting, lots of enemies. You do not ask for more in a shooter.

    Main point of this whole game was, naturally as every single person knows, new Lara. Restart of the franchise promised us vulnerable character we could love and worry about. And... I am glad to say, that they pretty much failed at that. Let me explain. Yes, this Lara is hit hard both physically and mentally. We get to see her at the lowest, we get to see her bloodied, we get to see her despair. Does it make us feel for her? Yes, of course. Does it make her vulnerable? Well, in a way, yes, because we see very clearly that she can be hurt. But seeing her overcome any and all of those challenges, do we see her as vulnerable? Fuck no, she's the strongest female character this year, and probably able to go in a firefight against commander Shepard. And it's not like a game makes a weak girl into a tough one - no, seeing all the things thrown at her from the start, you clearly see that she's already got it in her, she just never had the chance to show it yet.

    So yes, as you might have guessed, this restart was a huge hit for me. Square Enix done good, and I praise them for it. And let me tell you, it was extremely welcoming sight since recently where were quite a few franchise restarts that made worse characters than originals. Hell, go look at DmC if you want a clear example. No, this game did it right, and, after starting the game with no expectations whatsoever, I finished it with a feeling that I saw a masterpiece.

    Oh, and to get some sense of reality back. Admit it, guys, we didn't have a female character image change during the game that much since we played FAKK2. ))

  6. #682282014-01-10 22:40:13hellstorm901 said:

    My best game.

    GTA V. It's the last game I have bought for the Xbox 360 and it left me with a positive feeling as I moved onto the PS4. It gave me hours of entertainment and had me for a long time glued to the Xbox 360 which for the record even with other new released games on the Xbox 360 I rarely did. Another thing that made me enjoy firing up this game was how my hype was actually building up to play it even on the day it had landed in my mail slot. To explain, the game landed at my house in the morning but I was forced to go out for a couple hours denying me the chance to play it. By the time I got home I was running to the Xbox 360 as soon as I stepped through the door. I think it's hard to disagree that the longer you are deprived of something the more you end up wanting it and appreciating it when you finally have it.

    My worst game.

    Alien Colonial Marines. I'm pretty sure I've covered this in a past thread but again for the record it is one of the largest pieces of shit I have ever played and it actually in my opinion was worse than Homefront as Homefront never actually lied about what it was going to be whereas Alien Colonial Marines showed a great game as its demo drawing in mass attention and praise only to bat and switch for a terrible game that may as well just be a Call of Duty given you spend most of the time fighting Humans and not the GODDAMN ALIENS.

  7. #682412014-01-11 03:38:04Teru said:


    Metro Last Light was one of the best games I played in 2013. Even with the limit that you can do without the mask was filling my nerves, the game is still very good in my opinion.

        The history of the subway entertained me more than I thought it would, I liked a lot of all characters who appeared in the game, even the "villains", but the character I most liked was the little Dark One. The game was well to be challenging for me on the hardest difficulty, some parts were more annoying than others.

        In terms of quality of history, the only game that I found superior to Metro Last Light was Bioshock Infinite (By the way, my favorite game of 2013)


  8. #682462014-01-11 04:17:43Jacek said:

    The best: Assassin's Creed 4: Assflag

    While there were certainly a lot of issues with this game (especially the fact that you aren't actually an assassin), it's probably been able to keep me entertained the longest. With the large amount of missions available for a variety of factions, the huge world to explore, the collectables, the upgrades, special armor, weapons, etc., you can easily spend a lot of time working your way up to 100% completion.

    As I said in the opening line, there are certainly some issues. I think the fact that you aren't an assassin yet as soon as you put on the outfit you suddenly know how to assassinate people with ease. The only thing pirate-like that you do from then on is the sailing and how you use your swords. I do like the reasons he's doing all of this, though. I thought the revenge story has been played out. It was nice to see someone just not give a shit and just wants some money.

    The Worst: Crysis 3

    Good. God. I can't think of anything else I've played last year that was more forgettable and just plain bad. I couldn't even finish the main story. The story was bland, the characters had no depth, the only thing going for it was the engine. I've always like Cryengine and the newest edition is still beautiful. The worst part was just how linear the story was. It was worse than Crysis 2.

    That brings us to the multiplayer. Generally, FPS these days focus more on balancing the miltiplayer so I gave it a try. The maps are...mediocre at best, the gunplay is actually pretty nice, but it's brought down by the suit powers. Good lord the suit powers. And worse, the upgrades to the suits. The learning curve isn't very big even with the suit powers. The only thing you need to remember is that if you shoot when you have cloak on, you lose all your power (which I still think is a gimmicky mechanic.)

    Battlefield 4 would have been the best (since it is the most played game I have of 2013) but there are too many glaring issues with both the singleplayer and multiplayer. It's fun, I love playing the multiplayer, but it's not the best.

    Need for Speed: Rivals was also highly considered for worst because jesus christ wwww there are so many issues with that game. The only reason it isn't is because I genuinely enjoy the game. The cars handle okay, the graphics are nice and pretty, it just...badly needs to be patched. Remove the FPS cap by default, get rid of the issue where everything slows down periodically... It just has some issues. But it's not worse than Crysis 3.

  9. #682702014-01-11 10:51:30 *Rune said:

    Oh my, I played a lot of games this year and I'm not sure that I remember my life before September 2013. Let me see what sticks...


    The Last of Us - I think it's pretty much the best one I've played this year. I guess I could think of some other examples of a 'favorite' game but when it comes to quality, this takes the cake.

    The game puts you in Joel's shoes... and whether or not you're a ragged 50 something-dude, you feel his struggle. The fact that the controls just seem so seamless really makes it feel as if I was really moving his hands instead of you know, pressing buttons on the controller. When Joel chokes a dude, I feel as if I am choking that dude too.

    There are also other things that are great in this game but since it's almost everything about it and there's only few flaws, I think I'll make it simple and say what I don't like about it: the opening scene. [Warning, Potential Spoilers ahead]

    Okay, first of all, the opening scene is not bad, but it's a little too effective I think. Usually, when you kill off a character in the intro scene, you don't care about him/her that much. But in The Last of Us, it was handled so naturalistically that even though you haven't invested much into the soon-to-be-dead-character, you actually had enough to actually feel bad when the scene arrives.

    It's like Mother 3 all over again, and it's darn effective. Coupled with a multitude of smart characters, and Ellie, oh God I just love Ellie. Seriously, every videogame must have an Ellie in it :3

    Pokemon X & Y - Same game every year? Not this one, because it's Pokemon, in... 3D!!!

    Seriously though, that's almost all that makes this year's Pokemon the best Pokemon game ever. Of course, there's also the fact that I love almost all the new Pokemon because of how OP they are :p and... that's pretty much it. The rest is just a case of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" although, I do feel that if it had a B&W/B2&W2 like storyline it would have been miles better.

    rain - I'v explained this in the other thread but all I can say is that it's a beautiful game, mostly visually. Lots of critics say that they have the problem about how it doesn't bring anything new to the table but I think that just because it is so, doesn't mean that the game is suddenly bad. Sometimes, you need to close your eyes from the big picture and just immerse yourself in the World that exists in the dark.

    Well, those are my top 3 games for the year. Now then, my worst game list is... I think it's a bit too large because for some reason, I miss a lot this year with games (some are intentional but still a miss), here's the worst list with the bottom being the very worst.


    Total War: ROME II - Talk about a game where it seems good when you get through the tutorial but then when the actual game starts, fuck it's horrible!

    Unlike Civ or EU, this game is just boring. So, you play as some tribes in Antiquity and try to conquer the Western World... sounds awesome but fuck they actually managed to make that boring as hell! For some reason, this game managed to do this and I'm not sure why...

    Call of Duty: Ghosts - Okay, I seriously knew what I was going into when I bought this game... but you know, I didn't expect it to be, this bad!

    CoD: Ghosts is the worst of the worst! It has a very bad gameplay, bad characters, bad story, bad everything! Everything about this game makes you want to choke the nearest dog as long as it's not cute :3

    Seriously, after I finished this, I wanted to nuke infinity ward's office and probably feed their corpses to rabid dogs because the game is just so horrible. Okay, I give credit for the fucking space battles because those are actually pretty awesome, but the underwater battle? The whatever battle gimmick it was that I can't remember anymore that was very numerous in this game? Hate those!

    And the story, yes I want to kill the Ghosts too, Villain-whose-name's-I-can't remember! But that ending when you pop out out of nowhere and dragged my ass off to somewhere so that I can kill the Ghosts too, well that was just bad writing :\ But that's okay, Villain-whose-name's-I-can't remember, you're cool :) Infinity ward however...

    And the worst goes to...

    Beyond : Two Souls - Let me just say this, while Call of Duty is a bad game, it's at least honest in its exploitation (stole that quote from here). Beyond : Two Souls is that game where you play for the first hour, makes you think that there's something more to it, and then make you to keep thinking that until you reach the point where you say "Fuck, I paid $60 for this game and I have to finish it!" and then realize that it'll still be 20 more hours of watching Willem Dafoe's badly synced mouth flaps...

    To put it simply, this is the fakest game ever. It has a hint of quality from its trailer, manual, synopsis, promotional material, heck even the game itself has a hint of quality throughout. But that's all it is: a hint. It's like a cocktease, and really, that quality thing is just wishful thinking.

    So, don't be another victim, don't be like me and spend 20+ hours of watching Ellen mopey-face and then have to down almost 10 bottles of beer afterwards trying to forget that you have ever played this game (disclaimer: I didn't drink because I'm trying to get off alcohol but maybe you aren't). This game is like the grim reaper, only it only takes 20+ hours of your life and your virginity.

    Honorable mentions:

    Good Games

    Animal Crossing New Leaf Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Grand Theft Auto V Machinarium (2009 game but it had Vita release this year) Fire Emblem: Awakening Papers, Please

    OK Games

    The Guided Fate Paradox Gone Home Dynasty Warriors 8 Europa Universalis IV (Probably would move to good, given time, like any other PDS games)

    Don't Know What to Feel

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist Killzone: Shadow Fall