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Parent: Soul Sacrifice - NA & EU May 1st!

  1. #682152014-01-10 16:57:50 *Ecstasy said:

    Old news are old, but I feel like updating this thread.

    Soul Sacrifice Delta Announced for PS Vita coming exclusively the PlayStation Vita in March 2014. Yep, they are making it a series.

    Final Soul Sacrifice Update Out - 1.30 adds 16 new quests

    Soul Sacrifice Will Be Free For PlayStation Plus

    Also there was yet another bunch of free DLC in the store:
    The Cobbler Triplets and the Old Master (Incubus and Beelzebub bosses)
    Additional Quest: The Iron Lady's Tears of Red (Iron Maiden boss)
    Additional Pact: The Fall of the Gods (Druid God and Romalus God bosses)